Monday, November 06, 2006

The Beginning or The End?

The past few days, I've had a headache slowly creeping its way into my head. By Saturday, it was turning into a full blown migraine. When I finally got home from running my errands, I could no longer keep my eyes open, everything was blurry, the back of my head was burning, and I was becoming nauseous.

Anyone remember the Great Migraine of 2006? Anyone? Anyone?
(click here to refresh your memory). Given my previous experience, I began to panic. I tried to remain calm, but the anxiety of having the family curse fall upon me really freaked me out. My parents are amazing. They have suffered from migraines for as long as I can remember. The difference between us (correct grammar? oh well) is that I cannot handle it. They continued to work, take care of kids, and ultimately carry out the functions of daily living. I am not one of those people. I C.A.N.N.O.T do it.

After much prayer, my husband finally put me to bed with some Valium (which I then threw up 30 minutes later), and he came back with an Ambien. Before long, I was asleep and fighting off the migraine with sweet dreams.

My husband is the greatest. He took such great care of me. And today? I just have a dull hangover. He made me stay in bed most of the day, and I'm SO HAPPY to say I've dodged the bullet this time. No seriously. DODGED.THE.BULLET.


  1. And you still posted yesterday - what a trooper!

  2. Did we ever have our migraine talk? I can't remember.. probably because my migraine medication makes me forget.


    I'm glad you didn't get shot!

  3. no holli, I actually called you on Saturday but felt too stupid to leave a message. Did you get a weird number on your caller ID?

    that would have been ME.
    sorry about that.

  4. Oh I am so sorry! I suffer from them too and cannot continue to function when I get one. How sweet of your husband. It took my husband a long time to realize how serious they are and that they really do hurt as bad as I say.

    I have Ambien and I'm going to remember that next time. It sucks when they do start and creep up and then linger for a few days.

    Feel better!

  5. OUCH!! I had a bit of a headache this morning, however, mind was from one to many glasses of wine, lol!

    So glad you are feeling better.

  6. I am so glad you didn't end up in the hospital again!

    I cannot take Ambian. It gives me memory loss and does weirdo things to my brain and it usually ends with me sending blathering emails to people I shouldn't talk to again ever.

  7. Don't feel stupid to leave me a message. ME??? I'm probably the easiest person to talk to in the universe - plus, I forget half of the time anyway!

    I'm home during the days now - give me a call anytime. I would love the break from unpacking!

  8. So, so, so glad it went away before it got too bad. :)

  9. I'm glad your better now:0) What a good husband you have. I forgot you were posting everyday. I had to catch up on my reading. I loved the bubble wrap! And hooray for your mom coming :0)

  10. OH. I hope you don't ever end up in the hospital again.
    SO... glad you are feeling better.

  11. Oh yuck!!! Migraines suck a big one!! Glad you dodged that bullet. I've been migraine free for over three months and counting now (knock on wood!) Hope you can make it good while before having another one.

    You probably already know this, but it's a good idea to keep a migraine diary, of what you ate, circumstances surrounding and so on before you got the migraine, it might help you figure out what is causing them and then you can eliminate (hopefully) whatever it is. : )

  12. Anonymous4:06 PM

    A friend of mine was just telling me that she takes a medication for epilepsy that keeps her migraines away. Hers were so bad that the first Sunday in her new ward, she passed out on the stand during her talk.

    But now she's migraine free...


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