Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I have no idea where my love of blogging has gone...probably down the drain along with some of those "priceless" friendships. I'm sitting here in the loft of my (new) old house wondering how in the HELL I ended up here?? I hesitate to look through my blogroll because it stirs up old memories, some good and some bad, but ALWAYS some regret. I don't like that I've lost touch with old acquaintances, HATE it that I've lost touch with old friends. My blog has become a graveyard and I think I need a fresh start. My life has changed. My friends have changed. My "need" for blogging has evolved into something completely different. I haven't fully decided if I want to delete this blog altogether and start a new one somewhere else? [Because, truthfully, it is still MY history--still very much a part of ME. So why would I want to throw it all away?] Then again, it's not me...not any more. And I deserve a breath of fresh air, not one filled with regret and constant reminders of past failures. [And sometimes, it just feels GOOD to take out the trash, ya know??]

If you want to find me- email me littlemissblogspot at yahoo dot com

If you have sent messages to littlemissblogspot (at yahoo) in the past and never heard back, I'm sorry. It's so filled with SPAM that I couldn't possibly pull my head out of my ass to sift through it all. My inbox will be deleted (another fresh start), and the new one will be listed soon.

That is all for now. Best wishes. Namaste. Alvederzane. (and all that flowery jazz).
Maybe I'll stick around. Maybe not.