Tuesday, November 07, 2006

This May Bore You...

For those who are not country music fans, come back for a new post tomorrow.

But for those who are--CARRIE UNDERWOOD is my Cinderella story. I just love her as much as my daughter loves that favorite princess of hers. Perhaps it's because I'm from a small town in Oklahoma just like Ms. Underwood, perhaps it's because she became my favorite contestant on Season 4 of American Idol for that very reason--or perhaps it's just because she has amazing talent and has come so far in such a short amount of time.

Female Vocalist of the Year!
Winner of the Horizon Award!

I am so proud to say my little munchkins know the words to her song, Before He Cheats. (sorry hubby, I know how incredibly disappointed you are!) We listened to her CD MANY times during the course of our summer travels, and my kids get so excited when they hear her music on the radio!

Congrats, Carrie!! I just love you! You're simply A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

*disclaimer: I haven't always been a faithful country music fan, and some of the bands I still can't swallow. however, those who were up for awards last night...I can't help it. I totally dig their music!


  1. Wow - you a country fan? Never would have guess. Carrie does have amazing talent though!

  2. OMGosh, you are so right, she is amazing. When she won I leaped off the couch singing, "Yeah, yeah, YEAAAAH!"

    The Hubbs looked at me like I was crazy and asked what was the big deal. I in turn had to tell him...."Oh Honey, you have to shut up now because you don't EVEN know!" LOL!

  3. Yes, I LOVE CARRIE! And maybe I love her just a little bit more because she's from Oklahoma. That's allowed, right?

  4. I'm THANKFUL for the disclaimer... cause I REMEMBER the Mandi... WHO HATES COUNTRY MUSIC. This post floored me! WHAT THE HECK! You actually WATCHED the CMA'S. WOW... I'm so proud of you. Did N8 throw up as you watched?

  5. I never would have thought you liked country music. I am kind of in the same boat. Some I can take and some I can't stand.

    Go Carrie! Go Oklahoma Star!! Woo Hoo!

  6. I love Carrie. I went to NSU with her, but did not know her personally. I was a loyal AI fan and rooted for her from the moment I first saw her audition on Idol.

    I am excited to say I get to see her live in concert here in Tulsa in only 12 days!!! How much do you hate me right now? ;)

    P.S. I am Lady Luck's sister.

  7. I am NOT a fan of country music in the least...but every time I hear "Jesus Take the Wheel" it makes me cry. Great song! Good for her!

  8. She's a cutie. Her acceptance speech last night was so heartfelt. Um but whats up with Faith hill?LOL!


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