Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Alright, GENIUSES!

Look what happened when I instituted
"QUIET TIME" with the kids:

the arrows are pointing to the book, the Belle dressup, and the blanket under which all of her toys are hidden, the Cinderella doll--all things I gave to her to "play quietly"...NOW SHE'S CRASHED ON THE FLOOR.
(yes, that little head poking out is Tiny)

*This is supposed to be a no napping zone, so wth??


  1. Anonymous4:55 PM

    I surfed in from Justmee's site. (Hope that's OK!)

    I burst out laughing when I saw this ... sort of a bizarre crime scene photo, with the little perpetrator right there in the middle. ;)

  2. ah yes, and if you read some of the earlier posts about that Tiny one, you'll realize "crime scene" is the BEST way to describe her!!

    I like you already.

  3. Um, you forgot the TV to keep her entertained and awake. Boy you suck at this quiet time shit.

  4. Well done, well done!

  5. Ha ha ha ha! I love the tiny head under the mound of blankies.


  6. What do you expect. She is USED TO THE NAP NAZI attacking her with ANGRY EYES... if she doesn't fall asleep. She'll learn soon enough. AND... there will be days, where she will fall asleep. She might need a napy poo from time to time. I'm not a pro. NEVER claimed to be one. She is just a creature of habbit.

    -Laughing at the Crime scene... she is a monster that tiney one.

  7. I wish! You need to come over and teach my kids how to have quiet time.

  8. They only fight sleep when they know we are desperate to get them down for a nap. Otherwise, when we make it an option and tell them it's only quiet time, they can't help themselves and fall asleep. Go figure. That room looks huge, ginormous even.

  9. you are hilarious. the arrows are perfect.

  10. Ha Ha!

    I guess reverse psychology would have been better if you were trying to get her to take a nap not stay up and play!


    Love the arrows!

  11. Could be worse - instead of falling asleep she could have declared war on her room with a permanent marker! Or maybe you would have traded a new paint job just for a little nappy-poo of your own... hmmmm...

  12. We changed our daughter's naptime to "only if you are fussy and grumpy" and pretty soon, Mommy started getting fussy and grumpy.


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