Saturday, November 11, 2006

Good to Know #1 (yes, I said #1)

If you take the carseats out and place one on top of the other 69 style (or ying yang, or whatever) and place them in the garage so you can fold down the seats in the van to make room for your new daybed and mattress, be sure Scooby Doo is not sandwiched between the two carseats, making it impossible to see him!!

Also, if you are having sympathy pains for a little boy that has lost his Scooby D0o, do not stuff your son's precious bear into an odd pocket of a backpack and forget that it's there. You will have me interrogating my two year old, turning the house upside down, stopping at two different Kohl's on the way home searching for a replacement, turning the house upside down again, interrogating the damn dog, and finally discovering said bear in the aforementioned backpack.


  1. Aw, I think I will actually need to remember this good to know because it was invented just for me. Aww

  2. Oh crap, the backpack pockets. They are terrible, terrible little caves of misery. I know all too well, lol!

  3. Anonymous12:56 AM

    so you found scooby doo?

  4. Yes, scooby doo and bear are safe and sound, also in my defense: I DIDN'T put bear in the backpack, HE DID! Thank you very much.

  5. I found a VIN (VERY Important Note) in one of the "Terrible Little Caves of Misery".

    It was supposed to be signed and returned THREE WEEKS ago.

    I am glad for the return of Scooby. Are the Pesky Kids staying at your house as well???

  6. Ra-Ha! I am STILL laughing. Things have been MIA at my house for years. I don't know where it all goes. I have checked every freakin' mystery place I know!

    (of course, like you, it would make it easier if I had a maid to keep my house clean.--At the moment, sitting on the living room couch in daylight would be a mystery place!-HA!)


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