Friday, November 24, 2006

The Morning After...

A couple of things, really.

First of all, our entire house still smells like Turkey. The scent is embedded within the walls! Yesterday it was great. Today? It's simply nauseating. And can someone please tell me why the DayafterThanksgivingDay gas is the WORST? Seriously, that ABSOLUTE WORST. And get this--I'm not even talking about ME! To say the least, our house reeks!

Secondly, I am not the kind of person to wake up early on a day like this to catch the BIG "sales" or whatever. You won't find me standing outside the Mervin's windows saying "open, open, open" with my cold hands opening and closing like some twisted Night of the Living Dead remake. I didn't even want to get out of the house today except it's like having two Saturdays in a row. No work, no school, no church, just an extra Saturday. So we took advantage of that fact and headed to Target, Home Depot, and Best Buy.

*let me remind you, this had absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact it was the "Biggest Shopping Day" of the was merely a three day weekend with my husband (an added bonus!).

So, as it turns out, this truly was the craziest shopping day of the year. Shelves were empty, mad rushes throughout every store, flustered employees who had no idea where to find their own asses...and the digital camcorder and the external hard drive we needed so desperately were "all sold out, no rainchecks". DAMMIT. Who the hell sells out of these items by 10 a.m.? Seriously??!!

I was pissed and decided not to be defeated. I dropped the fam off at home, grabbed the oldest munchkin, and hauled ass all over this damn town to get what I wanted. I am happy to report that though an (affordable) external hardrive was no where to be found, I did grab the last digital camcorder and managed to fit our kitchen bay windows with beautiful curtains.

The day has been a success...but I am sending out buyer's remorse vibes to all those Night of the Living Dead folks who only come out of the woodworks once a year just to make life miserable for everyday shoppers, myself included.

*damn, where's the sinister vibe key? it must be around here somewhere...


  1. oops. so much for not swearing.

    pfft. a post with any less simply wouldn't be the same...

  2. You are so motivated and your apparently crossed off, except for the external hard drive you so wanted, shopping list this Turkey Day. No fair. I was a total schlub. The most I did was have my sister read my Tarot cards. Scary that the first card she turned over was the "hanging man." Other than listening to her new age round up on my future, I only mustered enough hung over energy to take the kids for a short walk around the block. They whined as much as I did.

    When I was still a newsroom girl, I used to have to write the story/feature about the biggest shopping day of the year, back in Mass. and New Hampshire, where I'm from. It was cold as a mo fo at the North Pole but I had to stand out there in the Macy's parking lot with my gloves trying to grip my notebook and pen and talk to anal a-holes who care about holiday sales. One time I did that all day without knowing I had a long strip of toilet paper hanging out the back of my wool skirt. I'm still scarred!

  3. It's not worth it to me to get to stores at 5:00am. My brother and sister in law work for Target and both had to open their stores at 4:00am! Thats craziness! I too ventured out a bit later. The electronics section at Target looked like a war zone. People should have had on war paint.

    Talk about being sick of food, everyone who came to our Thanksgiving dinner, came again the day after for an encore! We now are officially out of leftovers. I guess I have to cook tonight :0(

  4. If I could not leave the house for this whole weekend I would be happy. I can not stand the pirrhanas that come out to shop.

  5. I'm stuck here picturing a "vibe key."

  6. I had to come back and read this - I'm sorry, you're too funny. Since you're the only other sick person I know - I'm coming to spend a black friday with you some holiday. We would mow the world down.


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