Monday, November 27, 2006

Screamin' Demon

The Tiny one. I feel so bad for her. Double ear infections and then today? vomiting and fever that Tylenol won't subdue. I feel bad...but she is currently locked in her room "screaming it out by herself" (and by locked, I mean the door is almost all the way shut).

She has been a little terror today. She's usually destructive and getting into something she shouldn't (plotting to take over the world and whatnot), but generally speaking, she's a pretty happy little munchkin. Today she is screaming like that fugly little girl in the Exorcist; hitting me, pushing me, kicking, and lots of yelling. (lots and lots of yelling!)

Apparently when demons get sick, they get angry. VERY, VERY angry and extremely pissed off.

*she is currently banging her bed against the wall, screaming her voice into oblivion, and biting the headboard. Yes, I said biting.

UPDATE: 15 minutes later

I thought she was either unconcious or dead...(hoping for the first, praying against the second) Only to find



  1. Anyone wonder why I'm posting so early today?

    could it be because I'm losing my sanity? one scream at a time??

  2. Anonymous12:20 PM

    These are the days, eh?
    I feel your pain, & I'm sorry for Tiny.
    Not sure what she's on for the ear infections, but something I didn't know until recently: you can give tylenol and ibuprofen concurrently if one alone does not take care of the pain.
    Good Luck.

  3. Oh my Lord - those pics nearly broke my heart. I'm so sorry. Faith has been sick too - but I can't put my finger on how, it's been going on and off so long.

    Hang in there - it can only get worse. I mean better. You know what I mean.


  4. Anonymous3:12 PM

    oh poor tiny! She is so cute when she is so sad.

  5. I wonder if these are pictures they will show after she is capture at the fall of the 4th Reich?

  6. Those PHOTOS! AWE! The dreaded ear infections suck. Poor both of you.

    She is so cute when she's sad.

  7. She is certainly adorable even when sick!

  8. Looks like she found her own way to deal with the pain. What a cutie!
    PS I stumble upon your blog by way of Misty aka soap box superstar.

  9. OMGosh.....Are you telling me that sweet little face did ALL that?! I just won't believe it, lol!

    Mercy, I feel for her hubby, lol!

  10. Ear infections are the worst. They hurt so much but you can technically still function which takes out the only good thing about feeling sick.

  11. Anonymous11:59 PM

    Awww, look at those pouty lips! Hang on to that sanity, though - those aren't easy to come by!

  12. OMG, that is SO sad....for the both of you.

    Screaming and whining (even when inflicted by pain) I can.NOT.handle!

    However, I had worlds of ear infections as a child and I say she is dealing with hella pain! That sucks!

    How can you resist that adorable tear stained pouty face though!? HEART.BREAKER!!!

  13. Well, the bright side is that I am TOTALLY doing LB's hair that way from now on. It's Tres hip. You started a trend!

    Also, LB does the stripping thing and would be in a box if she wasn't trapped in a crib. Look for similar photos in spring of 07 when we transition to toddler bed.

    Hope she gets better! (and very very soon)

  14. Anonymous10:36 PM

    awww she is so precious. Bless her heart.. I hope she feels better soon.


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