Friday, November 10, 2006

Scooby Dooby Doo--WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!

Seriously. Scooby Doo has been missing for exactly 3.2 hours, and my son is distraught. Not as in the "I am sad, ho hum" type of distress, but as in HOLY MOTHER OF **I NEED MY SCOOB OR I'M GONNA CRAWL INTO A HOLE AND DIE A HORRIBLE AND MOST PAINFUL DEATH type of distress.

Scooby is not small, in fact, he's over half the size of Bud-uh. So where is he hiding? I have turned this place upside down to no avail. I have looked under beds, in closets, through laundry, in the dryer, in the pantry (hey, I do have TINY after all), I have looked in the van, under the seats, under the couch, in the bathtub, BEHIND the washer and dryer (hey, you never know), I have looked outside, I have looked in the garage, I have looked EVERYWHERE! And yet, there is no Scoob.

Just to make it perfectly clear, I would give my left nut to find this damn thing. In fact, I'm off to search pages and pages of eBay for a new Scooby Doo (and it will probably cost me my left nut to do so, but as previously stated--I'm ok with that.)

The victim was last seen with these two brutes in Buh-uh's bed around 9:00 p.m. at the Little Miss household on the night of November 9, 2006. If you have any information regarding these individuals, please contact the proper authorities immediately. Reward being offered and apparently one left nut.


  1. Poor l'il guy! That's so sad.

    And you, the wonderful mother that you are, are so gracious to give up a left nut that you have NEVER had! TOUCHING! :)

  2. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Awww, I want to buy him 100 scooby's!

    And is there something you need to tell me... left nut? Yours, your hubby's or you childs?.. ouch!

  3. Please tell me that you found it. I know how HORRIBLE it can be to loose a LOVEY... especially right before bed time. OH.NO... I'm praying for Scoob's SAFE RETURN!

  4. I just hate when I can't find things I really, REALLY need to find.

  5. AWW, poor thing. I'm sure if he knows that your willing to give your left nut , he'll come around! I hope he turns up. Thats the worse thing that could happen to a child. *Try right nut, if left doesn't work :0)

  6. Awe!

    I can't help but think of that scene in "Best in Show" where "Busy Bee" is missing...


  7. I saw that on BFB's blog and my heart went out to y'all. You CAN NOT LOSE the lovey! :: gasp! ::

    Glad y'all found it!


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