Monday, December 10, 2007

Just Because!

Christmas is now less than 2 weeks away...and my mind is constantly racing with everything I still need to do! So I decided to just take a break and post some pics of the reason why my life truly is sooo perfect.

DAD- this IS my gratitude list! ; )

Sunday, December 09, 2007

i'll let ya know how it turns out

The INSTANT my head hit the pillow...all symptoms of feeling exhausted, overly tired, and sleep deprived VANISHED. Am I tired? Oh no--because that would imply I was actually turning into a normal human being--one that wakes up early, enjoys a productive day, and goes to bed at a reasonable time! NO that would be too simple!

My train of thought went something like this:

tired...long day...why?...oh searched online to find something fun to do as a family for the holidays...then the parade...enjoyed our little outing...but the chicken strips hurt my stomach...the kids liked getting candy and seeing the neighbor just got a dog...who else?...oh sweetie's friend from school...her dog died last dad's dog died last year too...that was an awful experience...his bird died too...maybe i'll get him a Fur-real parrot as a joke...sick joke maybe...crap i haven't done any christmas shopping for my cards are good...i love target and old navy...but i want one from best buy--i need jessie's camera and her talent, can't buy that one....damn...n8 needs to install our new printer...i might need it tomorrow...took cute pictures in the leaves...need some photos printed...i still have to work on my sunday school lesson before church...last time i taught was so uninspirational...i was nervous. family was in town....n8's family will be in town for christmas...i wonder what groceries i'll need to have on hand...they are such foodies...giggle...i'm turning into one too...our first christmas was nothing but ham and cheese sandwiches for me! that was so long ago...his dad said i looked like a cancer patient with my new hat...we were so young and stupid...i hated being stupid...high school was guy told me he liked to try new flavors of ice cream because he was tired of vanilla...ha! his girlfriend was pissed she got called vanilla...he ended up working for my brother...akward...i dated guys who worked for him...why?...i never did date brian...that would have been weird...i wonder if he has any more kids now...i have more kids now...three to be exact...they are so damn cute!...i'd be jealous of my cute kids if i were someone else's fact, i'd just slap myself...giggle...i just cracked myself up and no one is awake to laugh with me...i should try to count sheep? where did that idea come from in the first place? sesame street?'s been longer than that...i should google it...hell i should get up and write all this down...maybe THEN i can finally fall asleep...

UPDATE: I still can't sleep, so I googled my blog. i think it's hilarious that out of the 200 some odd posts, the ones showing on my record has to do with poop, PMS, or inappropriate body parts! Now of course I can't sleep because I'm giggling at some of my previous posts...and again-- NO ONE is awake to laugh with me!!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

My Favorite Flower...

Cali Lilies have been my favorite flower since I discovered white daisies were more of a trend in the late 90's than anything else (after all, who doesn't like daisies?) Anyway, when we were first dating, N8 brought me a bouquet of beautiful wild flowers and cali lilies in a long stem box. They were beautiful and later became the grand design for my wedding bouquet.

Today I was flipping through a major fashion magazine and came across an ad for "vaginal rejuvination", apparently it's a big deal and people travel from all over the country to get their umm...yep--their girly parts nipped, tucked, tightened, or lasered because it's simply that big of a deal.

you tell me-- click here!

-ok, so if the link above doesn't work then click here
you'll just have to scroll down to the middle of the page--the image I'm after is copyright protected or I'd just post it myself!! grrr.