Sunday, November 26, 2006

Love Hate Relationship

Photoshop. Love it. Hate it. Do I REALLY need something else to waste away my nights? My thoughts? My frustrations? Blogger is enough to deal with, and I love my blog. And yet, sometimes I HATE it.

So SOMEONE sent me photoshop for my birthday (love you!!) and I have struggled with it ever since. Now that's it's nearly December, it's time to get working on my Chrismas cards. I have been working on our fall pictures, trying to get everything just right...hours and HOURS later, it's finally perfected. I get them printed, and whatdoyaknow?! It gets cut off! Our names at the bottom get cut off. And there's nothin' I can do about it!

Love. Hate. Relationship. *

*I am happy to report that it's all good now...hours and hours later---it's MUY perfecto!


  1. First, ha, I got this bitches. Um, sorry I may be a bit compepitive.

  2. Ummm... starting to wonder if it is a good idea to have Photoshop on my Christmas list...

  3. Anonymous10:16 PM

    I still want Photoshop. maybe that's what I should ask for. Love the fall pictures. Perfect!

  4. I love the finished product though. Those pictures are perfectly precious !

  5. hmmmm. i wonder who loves you enough to COPY her photoshop disc.

    i say... learn how to do it... then you won't hate it. HMMM... there's a thought!

  6. Alright, alright.

    Ms. Jae. you are an angel. PHOTOSHOP GODDESS, actually.

    fine print: thank you for cropping all the pics and letting me take the credit for it.

    disclaimer: but I took all the pictures and even produced those adorable little munchkins!!

    C'mon people, focus!!

  7. This has NOTHING to do with anything but YOU HAVE MY DOG! Ok, not my current dog, but MY OLD DOG! We gave him to my Aunt and Uncle when we moved and I swear he looks just like that. :: digging around for a picture of buddy :: Here! I found one! (Sorry to be rude and post a link in a comment)
    Crazy! hu?

    But really, your photo collage is GORGEOUS. :-)

  8. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Nice work.

    but, Gah! Are you trying to give me a nervous breakdown? Just a tiny push is all it takes, and being out of touch with technology is my Achilles' heel.

    This weekend my husband brought home his laptop so I could access the digital photos (the camera is not compatible with my Mac) and some of them are A YEAR OLD.

  9. OH NO. I'm still learning. MY Friends here... are PRO'S. This is about the only thing I know how to do. AND... all that credit goes to Brooke and Jen.

  10. What adorable pics! Glad you figured it out.

  11. They look great and I ADORE photoshop. (I do relate to the sometimes less than kind feeling towards it, though)


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