Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Naughty Girl

I need to start my own blog for Tiny, the two-going-on-fifteen-year-old. I have WAY TOO MUCH blogging material to keep her all to myself. She's such a little troublemaker, and yet she's so damn cute that I can't fire her.

So until her own blog is set up, a story a week will have to do (and that should get us through the next two years!) Today's story is entitled:

Permanent Markers Should Be Locked Up with the Meds and the Makeup and the Perfume and the Tampons and the Halloween Candy and the Toilet Paper and the Crayons and the Wallets and the Shoes and the DVDs and the Q-tips and the Stickers...

I cannot leave this child alone for 10 minutes! I just don't get it. See for yourself.

The cupboard with the little stickers on them? Yeah, they say "Families Can Be Together Forever". And that's just great because now even God is laughing at me.


  1. I have been lucky, very lucky.

    (knock, knock. That's wood.)

    The worst was when, right at my feet, my son dumped the cannister of flour. Not so bad.

  2. Wow, she is really a troublemaker.

  3. OH. I love that she is so Naughty. Mostly because it makes for good stories.

    I'm telling ya. Mr.clean Magic eraser!

  4. Tempting White Dishwasher Surface.
    Lovely, Flowy Marker.
    Must Not Draw.
    Must Not...Awe, hell. I want to draw on it myself!

    I would be completely grounded for a year, though. I am not nearly as cute as tiny is!

    (What a heartbreaker)

  5. Do you think she takes after her mom?! I mean I don't know....

    I agree with Ms. Jae. I will UPS you my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser if you don't have one.

    It is true though, she gives you good things to blog about and she is the cutest Tiny ever!

  6. So, please tell me you were able to get all that marker to come off??

    You just gave me reason #562 NOT to have children. :) Thank you.

  7. Reminds me of the time I used my dad's black shoe polish to make smiley faces on the front door of our townhouse--on a military base. Even if I couldn't actually remember it (I sort of can), my mother would never have let me forget it. :)

  8. OMGosh, OMGosh, OMGOSH!! OK. It's her ridiculous cutness that saved her, lol!! She is quite the little art-eest!

    I found one of my kids poised at the cabinet with a marker once, and I swear, I felt like Meaf-Loaf...."Stop right there, I gotta know right now, before you go any further is that a "SHARPIE?" lol!!

    I hope you were able to get it off.

  9. If she and Gianna got together they would be a menace to society! It's the darn cuteness factor that is going to turn my two year old into hell on wheels. I can't help but laugh when she does things like your Tiny :0)

  10. Two things about Tiny

    1) yes, I tried to hold back the laughter because, well, JUST LOOK AT HER!!

    2) i can't kill her because hubby says we can't make any more. so i'm stuck with what i've got!


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