Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Grocery Lists

Why is it that two things you NEVER think of while at the grocery store is Ketchup and toilet paper? It gets overlooked every time, and no one notices until the hotdogs are bare naked or the Kleenex box that sits ontop of the commode is suddenly empty (your last resort)--and you make a mental note to get these items next time you're at the store.

Well guess what? It doesn't matter because you'll forget again!


  1. I feel your pain!! I have used the last roll of TP, went thru the last of the paper towels (not a complete roll, thank goodness) and half a box of kleenex before I remembered to buy the stupid TP!! Ra-Ha! That is NO LIE!

  2. I never forget the ketchup or toliet paper, or Diet Dr. Pepper for that matter, these things are essentials, after all. Food in general? That's a whole other story.

  3. What about spacing it on tampons? I always seem surprised the day I get my "moon," like I've never bled before. I always have to rush out and get some "product." Luckily my husband is a martyr, so he buys my super plus tampons no prob. I forget mayo too.

  4. Yeah, I've got a brain gap on a couple of things, but the TP is the worst. We're right in the middle of an outage this morning. Great-great-great way to start the day.

  5. I did this for many months after I got married, when I finally came up with a solution:

    I bought a small dry erase board that I put on my fridge. Whenever I run out of something I write it on the board, then when I'm ready to go to the store, I just write my "board" list onto paper and take it with me. Now I don't forget important things like TP. :)

  6. I pretty much forget to just go to the store - so that eliminates EVERYTHING!! Sometimes we get down to baby wipes (only after draining the kleenex supply, moving to paper towels) and hidden packets of ketchup from sonic!

    Did I just admit to that? Tom is helping alot with these things.. Yay!!

  7. I have the exact opposite problem.

    I have about 20 bottles of Ketchup because I keep thinking we're out.



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