Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Paranoid...a bit?

My husband has had flu like symptoms for the past couple of days. He's very cautious when it comes to taking medicine (ms. jae, barefoot, justme, DAD--back me up here). I have to literally FORCE Tylenol down his throat only AFTER being interrogated as to how many mg in each caplet? how many does it say to take? how many are you giving me?

Yes, dear, I'm trying to a) kill you with acetaminophen, b) get you addicted to aspirin, or c) just trying to get you to quit your bitching and take some medicine already!!

So Monday afternoon he went out of town for a conference. He took a bottle of Excedrin with him. When he asked how many he could take at one time, I told him not to exceed 8 tablets within a 24 hour period. He said the Excedrin helped A TON, but was afraid of taking too many. I told him to grab some Ibuprofen in between doses, but he declined with an "I don't want any more medicine" excuse. Ok.

Tonight he gets home from his trip, and he says he feels "weird". The fever and chills are coming back and he cannot sleep; his heart is racing. Through an internet search on caffeine, it was discovered that he has consumed the equivalnet of 17 cans of Coke Zero (or 22 cans of Diet Coke) worth of Excedrin over the past 36 hours.

Yes, honey, I would feel a bit "weird" too!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Buddah!

At 6:31 a.m. you came screaming into the world. (don't all birthday posts start out that way?!) You sent me to the hospital wearing a nighty, fleece sweatpants, grey sweatshirt, black hat, scarf, and fur coat...need I remind you that it was 20 below 0 in the middle of winter?? We were living in Iowa for crying out loud!! It took me 15 minutes just to get undressed once I was at the hospital...I was hurting so bad that I tried to bite your daddy's hand. It just looked so tender, like I could bite right through and ease some of my pain...that is until your daddy stuffed a wool scarf in my mouth (and anyone who knows me, knows that I cannot stand cotton, let alone to have wool placed in my mouth!!) What a relief when you were finally placed in my arms.

Four years later, you still have me wearing pajama pants and sweatshirts as I drive you to school while the sun is coming up...my hair is usually a mess and I have no makeup hiding my sleepy eyes. So much time has passed, and yet I still have no shame when it comes to being a mother!

I watched you unwrap the $4 of dimes your grandma and grandpa sent this morning, and I was so proud! You didn't fuss one time, you were patient, asked for help, and succeeded in getting every last one of those "stuck dimes" off the tape and into your little bank. You have grown so much, no just physically but emotionally as well. Some things don't come easy for you, in fact, they are down right infuriating to your sweet little spirit. But as I sit back and watch your growth and development unfold, I am filled with pride and utmost satisfaction at the accomplishments you are making every day.

I love your snuggles, I love your kisses, I love to hear your sweet voice when you say, "mommy I love you, snuggle me in my bed". I love the silly made up words you use. I love the way you line up all your animals on the livingroom floor. I love how the simple things in life make you so happy; a bowl of popcorn, a new horse from the Dollar Store, a glow stick at night, a walk outside, songs on the "ba-que-ter", and farting noises with your lips. I love that you are named after your Papa, he is an amazing man. You have his eyes, his determination, and his tender heart. You have his legacy, and I couldn't be more proud!

I love you, I love you, I love you.
Lullabies and Kisses,

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I Do NOT Want to Do This.

My cousin was killed in a car accident the night of his 28th birthday. I just found out the services have to be a closed casket viewing because of the trauma sustained. I am SICK to my stomach. And my heart aches. Why is it that with tragedies you always want to know more details?

I kept asking, and now I know...and now I can't get those images out of my head. All day long I've been trying to pack, get ready to fly home for the funeral, and all I can think about is that awful carwreck and the rest of my family.

Would it have made a difference if the semi was in the other lane? would it have mattered if the driving conditions were better? would it have mattered if he wasn't speeding? would any of these factors have changed anything? NO. So why do I keep asking myself those questions? Why am i angry at the truck driver for going 25 mph in the fast lane? I guess I feel the need to blame someone, but not my sweet cousin. He didn't see the semi, either that or he had no clue the truck was going so damn slow, and he slammed into the back of it, and then it was over. All in a single instant. That's it.

And then the news, I read it online and they even showed a video clip. I can't believe they actually showed the body bag on the side of the road. I think I just threw up in the back of my throat a little bit. They said "a 29 year old man was driving through the canyons when he rear ended a semi, dying on impact." He was an amazing kid. How can I think of him as a man? He may be my same age, but they make him sound so grown up. I'm not even grown up, and I have three kids! He died in the prime of his life. He didn't have a chance to be a man, not in my mind anyway. He's my cousin, my friend, he's my age and we're still 28 years young.

I love you, B.K.E. and I will see you again someday.
(you've always been beautiful!)

Monday, January 15, 2007

A Short Hiatus

Ok, so once again, I have no right to come back after ignoring blogworld for so long. (let me remind you there are 30 posts in November should you get bored! LOL) Anyway, life has been great. It's been playing out like some movie soundtrack from the mod university station. And I'm pretty content.

My mom has been working her butt off taking care of my little family, cooking, cleaning, sorting through my kids old clothes, and everything else that I should be doing--hence the main reason for not being very active in blogworld. It's one thing if I'm "working on the computer" when the kids are around, (it doesn't matter to them if I'm paying bills, doing dictation, checking my e-mail, or blogging)--to them, it's all "work". However having guests at home who are doing MY job as a mom kind of changes the whole blogging priority of my "work", and it has become muy limited.

I have so many things to write, black socks, Walgreens, new haircut (now I look just like Victoria Beckham minus the boobs), my little ballerina, the Nutcracker, date nights (a RARE occasion for us but my mom totally ROCKS), the list goes on and on.

However, as I sit here at 11 o'clock at night, I can hear my mom downstairs washing my dishes and putting away my kids' toys for the night.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

my night never really ended--

Let's see how my night played out...

The kids were NOT sleepy, they must have sensed nostalgia coming from the living room as we watched LSU return to the Super Dome...WAY TO GO TIGERS! way to go.

*meanwhile, everyone else went to bed and I decided to sleep on the couch because I had to drop some friends off at the airport at five the next morning. As I was about to turn the t.v. off, a sudden bout of insomnia hit me like a chocolate sugar coated caffeine tablet of Ginsing and I began watching T.L.C. Late at night, they show the groovy medical stuff. Like a guy who's friend harpooned his leg with the fish still attached! or the woman who discovered the large mass growing in her abdominal cavity for 46 years was actually a fetus entombed in a calcified shell! That's some amazing shiz!! (and by 2 a.m. I finally managed to turn the t.v. off and dream restlessly about alien babies harpooned to a blue fish in Hawaii...)