Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thankful For...

Since no one is going to be reading this weekend because they all have family and friends who love them and want to spend the holidays with them*...I'm writing a post just for MYSELF. Wow, what a concept.

Seeing as how I am 28 years old (at least I think I am--I can never keep track)--I am going to write a memory from every year of my life--turned timeline, but whatever.

i've decided to forego the timeline idea because it's just too complicated. Instead here is a run-on paragraph that summarizes my life:

1978- being born into an LDS family, the blue kitchen set I played with in Tooele, moving to Oklahoma, attending Mother's Day Out at the Methodist church, crashing my motorcycle into a tree and getting a three wheeler, the first year of "real" school, Miss McQuistion and counting with red plastic dots, Miss Brawly's mock wedding put on by yours truly, Ms. Sternbergers' punishment for the entire class because we got kicked out of the library, Ms. Murdock and glass bowls she put over her boobs and made me swear NEVER to share that story. Ha ha., My first "boyfriend", typical check yes or no proposal, and spending the entire summer with my dad, sixth grade, Ms. Miller scared me and some Lopez chick was mean to me, seventh grade and hanging out with "the group" (whatever), cheerleading memories...sigh, adoption of Mickey, my dad's puppy, back surgery HELL, living in Norman, Oklahoma--great memories!!, moving to Utah and hating Northridge, 1st true boyfriend (aka captain of the hockey team--swoon!), graduating early and living in the dorms at Weber State, my best friend, Jenny Lou, first show of U2's Pop Tour in Las Vegas, getting married, settling in Iowa and attending nursing school, all the special dates w/ my husband sans kids, and losing Gabbie, birth of Sweetie and graduation from University of Iowa, my best friend, Jessie Lynn, birth of Bud-uh, birth of Tiny (holy shit!) and move to our first REAL house in Baton Rouge, my "favorite" friend, Erika, husband's new job, and my mom coming home from Australia!-2006

*even though we have no friends or family to share this holiday weekend, I must admit that I am thrilled just to have my husband home from work, the kids home from school, and the time we get to spend as a family 24-7 for the next four days.


  1. Anonymous12:22 PM

    I'm sorry that you have no friends or family to spend the holiday with :(. But I'm so thankful for you and your friendship through all the years. I can say your my best friend and you've been with me thick and thin! I love you!

  2. Not an entry to no one, I'm pretty lonely on the internet this weekend becuase everyone else is enjoying turkey and all I got were turkey flavored chips the missionaries brought over. I get chicken on Sunday though with some other Americans. Not the same. I have NaBloPoMo though, and I've been super busy trying to fit that into every day. I loooves it! I found out about it from you, so thanks! It's been keeping me semi-sane! ANywho, loved your life in a run-on sentence! Sounds like a good one:)

  3. Anonymous2:07 PM

    I have no friends and family and absolutely no one who loves me ... so thanks for writing something that I can read! ;)

    (I'm exaggerating, of course.)


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