Thursday, November 09, 2006

Important Issues?

While each state was voting on major issues such as Abortion, Stem Cell Research, the Voting Privileges of Convicts, Same Sex Marriage Laws, and Immunity for Judges...

we were voting on wildlife and fisheries restrictions and added tax increase on liscence plates "for the ultimate use of agencies". WTF? These are NOT the issues I researched when pledging my vote.

But whatever. Use my vote wisely, Dems.


  1. Seriously we voted on raising taxes for Trax and walkways in parks. Why couldn't we vote for important stuff too (not that walkways aren't important).

  2. At least you know what you were voting for. UM... Let's see what on earth would One vote for in Iowa. Ethenol (corn oil) in the gasoline or somthing equaly as silly I'm sure. Mmmm... wouldn't know... wasn't there and didn't vote ANYWHERE... Shhh... don't tell anyone.

  3. Our issues weren't much more impressive - and of course my taxes will be going up. Does it do me a DAMN BIT OF GOOD to extend Trav and Commuter Rail? HELL NO! Will I be paying for it NOW? UGH, YES! Here's to hoping I will get my money's worth someday.

    One little victory we did have was ousting a Judge who has been using the bench for her own little personal diatribes. I'm all for letting everyone have their opinion, but when you are a judge, spouting them from the bench is not such a good idea. You are supposed to IMPARTIAL! BUH-BYE!

  4. Yeah whats up with that? We didn't vote on major issues either.

  5. go girl. and on parking issues.

    but the good stuff was really quite good.

    you've got a nice spot over here.


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