Sunday, November 19, 2006

My Own Paparazzi

Seems like I have a following. Apparently there ARE people who care what time I poop the dog or check the mail. Hmph. Who knew?

Cameron Diaz, eat your heart out!!!

*ok, so maybe it was my husband hanging out in the bushes or holding up a camera above the mound of stuffed animals in the bay window trying to capture the shot of his wife "actually going outside to walk the dog looking like that?!!"

But whatever! I prefer to believe that I am indeed the shiznit!!


  1. um, hello...cute shorts, woman. and that it.

  2. Actually, I was going to compliment the hair! Your still cute pooping the dog in those clothes. You should see what I go out in first thing in the morning! Not pretty. Not Pretty.

  3. I think you might be the hot chick James Blunt is always whining about!!!!! :)


    Oh how cute of you to show your Hawkeye spirit... even though they are SUCKIN it up!

    And... I'm just jealous that you can go outside in shorts. We would freeze our balls off if we went outside like that.

    You look BEAUTIFUL... Just like I always remember you! In your "Jammers". What time was it, like 3:30 in the afternoon?
    K. I'll shut up now... but I think this is my favorite post so far. (N8 has become a picture whore... woo hoo!)

  5. I wish I looked that svelte, thin and sass-ay when I walk my kids so they can poop in the bushes. Damn, girl. Who cuts your hair? I'm jealous. Layered, touseled and yet neat and tidy all at the same time. Your husband sounds fun. What exactly is on your shirt. The red and white borders on the T-shirt graphic sort of remind me of a Tom and Jerry cartoon era cartoon steak. (BTW, I totally accidentally left this comment for you on one of my posts. I'm an idiot! How did I pull that off? And I see Kelli Belly digs your hairdo as well.)

  6. Ok, that would be

    1-my "glam sunglasses"

    2-my hawkeyes boxer shorts

    3-my racecar t-shirt (oh yeah, baby!)

    4-hair in need of a long overdue trim and style (are you people smokin' crack?)

    5-my bare feet (you didn't actually expect shoes, did you?)

    and Ms. Jae, it is actually cold down here! I could see my breath while walking the dog...I know, don't complain to YOU of all people, I'm just sayin'...

  7. Love the shorts! Now are they yours or his? Actually either answer would be funny.

  8. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Yup love the hair! And love the fact that the husband took pictures of you pooping the dog! And I have the same boxers -- hmm wonder where I got those!

  9. Brave, my friend, very brave. No, I'm not talking about the outfit, I'm talking about the fact that you are out "pooping the dog" in your barefeet. Aren't you worried about stepping in another dog's, well, you know? I would be. But then I am a little OCD about feet. I hardly ever walk around with barefeet. Yes - I am THAT person wearing sandals with socks on. It's a gift, and a curse being me.

  10. You are the shiznit!

    Cameron Diaz has nothin' on you!

  11. Could you be any cuter? No wonder he follows you with a camera.

    And WTF? How warm is it there that you're still in shorts???

  12. Anonymous10:06 AM

    LOL Love the outfit!!


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