Saturday, November 25, 2006

Saturday is a special day, It's the day we get ready for Suuuunday!

Sorry, a little primary action for ya! Anyway, we had a fun Saturday. We all played in the leaves, ran around the block with our neighborhood friends (kids tagged along too, what can you do?), took nearly 100 pictures (and if you know me, then you KNOW that I am NOT exaggerating)...I admit, I am the self-proclaimed camera whore, but guess what? You ALL come crying to me when you need stick it. That's right, where the sun don't shine--

(unless of course you are BFB, but that's a bribe-induced post for another day!)

The Tiny one is still sick, the dog still has horrible gas, and I simply cannot eat another plate of Thanksgiving Day dinner! So would you PLEASE come get these leftovers? Cuz I'm dyin' over here. Thankyouverymuch.


  1. anyone notice how I'm publishing later and later with each passing day?? I'm just glad that moflobono(whateverthehellyoucallit) is almost up, or I'd be posting two days after the fact!!

  2. Don't worry, I was even later than you. November, hurry up and END, damn it.
    *Currently cursing NaBloPoMo*

  3. and, um, about the left overs - one word for ya: Missionaries

  4. Can I just tell how envious I am that you have leftovers???!!!


  5. Send the leftovers here.. because I still haven't been to the grocery store since moving and I think Tom is starting to get pissed.

    Post the 100 pics all on one post!!

  6. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Yup I've noticed how late you've been posting. But your doing it.

  7. I'm commenting just because I changed my profile pix.

  8. sounds wonderful. is there any stuffing left? there is never enough stuffing.


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