Monday, November 13, 2006

My $32.08 Mistake

I had good intentions...really, I did. We invited the missionaries over for dinner.

I began cooking around 4:00 p.m.
Something began to burn around 4:10 p.m.
Toxic fumes began to gather in the back of my throat around 4:12 p.m.
and the whole house was airing out by 4:15 p.m.

Good to Know (just between you and I), burning garlic will choke the life out of you and your children! And then you'll have to spend $32.08 on Papa John's Pizza (delivery of course!) to cover the "homemade dinner" you've so carefully prepared for the missionaries.



  1. what? you can still have your missionaries over for dinner? *sigh* I miss that.

  2. LOL...Missionaries? I'd much rather burn dinner for missionaries than my hubby's boss. They would be much more forgiving. :)

    Burnt garlic is rough, but I'm ALWAYS forgetting the bread. There is literally flames flying from the oven with plumes of smoke....Man, it's ugly!! :):)

  3. I mess up every dinner I want to be even halfway decent. I do stupid things when I cook and unfortunately my husband sees every one of them!

  4. Hey--was it you that burned the beans that time? Or BFB? Or was it some other blogger altogether? Or did I hallucinate the whole thing?

    Glad it was only $32.08. :)

  5. Nope that was Mr. Little Miss who burned the beans and cost the Little Miss llc. a fortune in fire restoration fees. Good memory MM.

  6. and was TINY who turned the stove on before they left the house, the beans were only supposed to be "soaking".

    I blame them both.

  7. I blame N8... And his DUMB. "SOAKING THE BEANS" Ritual. Um, beans... they come in this nifty "NEW" thing... called a CAN. PRE-SOAKED and EVERYTHING! But no... one must prepare for THREE DAYS... In order to make a pot of CHILI!!!!! Love him... but COME ON. SOAKING THE BEANS?????

  8. Note to self:

    Never let Little Miss or BSC into my kitchen.

    Not that I'm perfect ... I always seem to forget the garlic bread in the oven after I've set it to broil. Stupid burned bread.

  9. Yeah--memory like a lint trap--didn't have the details but knew it was something to do with one of you. :) Of course, I can't find my car keys or my library book and once I found my diaphragm in my dish drainer, but I can remember lots and lots of useless information. (Or almost remember it in this case.) ;)

  10. Just another reason I heart Lil' Miss.

  11. Garlic is the worst thing! One time I cooked BBQ bundles from the Pampered Chef cook book. When it says press the garlic....It DOESN'T mean the WHOLE CLOVE!!!

    OMG! My house smelt for WEEKS!!

    (Bet the Missionaries prayed LONG and HARD for the meal and were very thankful that it was store bought! LOL)

  12. You are so funny!

    Well, at least you can write it off as a donation!!

  13. Well I prefer pizza over anything anyway :)

    I was heating up taco shells the other night when flames starting shooting out of the oven. Who can't heat up taco shells?


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