Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Totally Worth It

The $12 cover charge for a girl who doesn't drink. The smoke filled bar. The three drunk freshmen at the front fighting for front stage. The guy who asked me what I did for a living (followed by beer out the nose when I told him I was a SAHM). The country boy just there to enjoy the show. Barefoot in the background watching me and laughing her ass off (thanks for the support). The roadie jammin' up front. The beer spilled down my back. The guy who's hand I had to slap ("mom" role kicking in). The opening band #1. Totally rocked. The opening band #2. Totally entertaining.

And then... Kevin Martin. (former lead singer of Candlebox)
Thanks for the beautiful voice. Thanks for the eye candy.

It was all TOTALLY worth it.
(Listen here, or here or here, or maybe just here.)

My self esteem point system

2 points for getting carded at the door.
1 point for getting a glance behind the girlfriend's back.
4 points for getting offered a drink.
1 point for drunk guy #1 saying to his buddy, "she's hot."
-1 point for being called a _____, for making him put the beer DOWN.
5 points for guy hitting on me and asking rather personal questions.
(bonus 2 points for him acting as my body guard the rest of the night.)
10 points for Kevin Martin looking right at me and saying,
"and you're gonna get more, baby."
6 points for him shaking my hand during his last song.
8 points for him signing my cd after the show.
10 points for that smile as I walk away.
If you want more details, you'll have to ask Barefoot (as I clearly only remember the whole night as one hazy dream!)

That's a total of 48 points to get me through tomorrow's diaper changes, wet beds, canine piss on the bedroom floor, piled up laundary, screaming toddlers, unshaved legs, realizing I am no longer 16 years old, and my never ending saga of the flat mormon butt syndrome.

When I reach 500, I'll have successfully become Keira Knightly. (she's hot)


  1. This is a great post - it sounds like you had a wonderful time!

    And hey - we young mamas can still kick it, yo!

  2. Sounds like sooo much fun! I don't have kids yet, but I already feel like an old married woman who never does anything like that anymore. I need to party.

  3. I agree with Loriloo, I feel old, it's always fun to go do something that makes us feel young again.

  4. Omg, You rock Sex Camel! Sounds like one great night! I love girls nights, they sure are self esteem boosters aren't they?!

  5. I go out and pretend I'm young. No one hits on me anymore. Wait, I'll take that back. Last year I went to Don Henley with a few girls from work, and this aged hippy kept trying to dance with me. Can I at least get 50 points for that? I probably won't get anymore for the rest of my life.

  6. You have officially become my idol. I swear it.

  7. Wow! That was a fun post! You even made me feel better about my flat butt. I'm going to count my points next time I go out :)

  8. Yes we can, Jessica. Yes we can.

    And Dena, Don Henley rocks. 50 points alone for just being there!

    and thanks to my other blog girlfriends for not spoiling the moment for me...a girl can dream, can't she?!

  9. I would definitely award more points for getting carded at the door! At my age, it's worth a good 10 points or better.

  10. Sounds like you had the best time.... I am so glad you got to go out and party!! YEA YOU!

    see you got the word verification thingy working...sorry I was so late in responding to you!

  11. You ARE hot.. I love the point system.. it's somewhere along the lines of my "quality of life percentage scale". Your whole thing with Keira Knightly makes me laugh.

    sex camel #2.

  12. btw - my dog is now very upset with you.


  13. i would have paid good money to see you slap that guy and tell him to start behaving. you're my hero!

  14. LM - thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your sweet story about your daughter (with her silkies - awwww!) Does she refer to the blanket as such because of the silk border?

    My mom said I used to rub the satin borders of my blankets and, because I liked the way they felt, I referred to them as my "feelings" blanket. Hee/hee.

    I love your blog - gonna add you to my 'roll if that's alright.

  15. Exactly, Jessica! And thanks for the link. Welcome to my world of blog girlfriends (it's better out here).

    ; )


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