Wednesday, August 10, 2005

10 Things Not Worth Having

1 *Dishes NOT dishwasher safe.
2 *A phone without caller ID.
3 * A car with no stereo.
4 * Dial-up.
5 * Mac-n-cheese out of a box.
6 * Socks. (the damn dryer eats them)
7 * Unsharpened pencils .
8 * Cherry Starbursts.
9 * Anything dry-clean only.
10 * A list of 10 things not worth having.


  1. I totally agree on the dishes - I collect vintage dishes.. so many people ask why we can't eat off them. Well, they aren't microwave or dishwasher safe. They're just.. cute. Even my normal everyday dishes blow up in the microwave. Maybe that's why I just don't eat anymore. Exploding, unsafe dishes. And that reminds me, I forgot to take my pants to the stupid cleaners!!

  2. 10 keys on your key ring belonging to objects you don't even own anymore!

  3. Really cute shoes that give you a rash . Yes, I have some shoes that give me a rash on the tops of my feet every time I wear them. It really sucks.

  4. $20 on your lap while you're driving?

  5. Yes, Nytro...I dug it out of my purse (we were going to drive thru somewhere b/c my munchkins were hungry)...then they started to scream and cry, and all hell broke loose. I completely forgot that I had the money sitting on my lap.

    (and yes, I learned MY lesson)

    and add to my list:
    11) dishes not microwave safe
    12) useless keys
    13) shoes that give blisters

  6. Before having my own children, I can remember my sister driving down the road and yelling to her kids in the back seat to stop fighting. It was then that I realized that I didn't want more than one child so I wouldn't have to go through that. I lost my mind and had 2 anyway, only I really didn't have that much of a problem with mine. Maybe because I had 2 girls and not a son who was always teasing his sister. I miss them being little. Nice site.


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