Saturday, August 06, 2005


This Is What Happens at Little Miss's Imaginary House:

Cross dressers AND hooker flappers!

AND underage vices galore! OH MY!

This is just to prove Little Miss IS my imaginary friend.

Barefoot Rules


  1. ummm...yeah, talk about Hijacked! Erika, are you SURE you didn't screw with my Daily Dancer link too??

  2. p.s. thanks for setting my Perth, Australia time clock...

    and for showing the blogworld just how immature we really are! (and WE'RE the GROWN-UPS?!)

  3. I can't hear you, you don't exist

  4. Your made up? What does that make me?

  5. Just me, didn't you read the post? I made up her *friends* too.

    Little miss, I didn't have your password then, you had not *told* me yet.

  6. Just me, I think that would make you a wannabe imaginary friend.

    and Erika, I'm going to change my *password* today. It's going to be hijackers_suck.

    crap, did I just spell that outloud?

  7. If you're make-believe, does that mean that I'm going crazy and writing to people that don't exist?? Aw crap.

  8. We all live in a world of make believe

  9. Aww, man! I bought that Cinderella dress for my daughter! You mean it was made for boys?!

    If you all live in a world of make believe, does Mr. Rogers visit often on his trolley?

  10. um, nope, he died. but we do have visits from the little devils, complete with firey eyes and spit, does that count?


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