Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Said To Me This Morning

1) Outside...

husband: "Ugh, what is THAT smell??"
me: "I don't know, but it smells AWFUL."

a minute later

me: "What is all of this crap?" (pointing to a mound of sticks, branches, leaves, and grass)
husband: "It's ....[squinting one eye and flinching] ah....for my compost heap when I build one."

2) In the livingroom while changing a poopie diaper

me: "Damn Dogg!! [the dog], GIT! GIT! GIT! GIT! GIT!"
my 4-yr. old: "...outta mom's way."


  1. Hi, Im new here, Like your blog, and adding you to my list, hope you stop by sometimes. I will return also.:))

  2. Sick, sick, sick. I hate that smell. In fact, I hate all smells that smell bad. My husband thinks I have a "super nose." I think he just can't smell things.

  3. don't you wish they had a Febreze for compost heaps?

  4. Now that one is priceless (the last one) and so like my kids.

    I'm always telling them to get out of my way, them, the dogs, the cats, the husband.

    You know the drill.


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