Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Gee Thanks, Loriloo.

I've been tagged by The Manager ; ) to list 10 turn ons and 10 turn offs. But rule #1, you are not allowed to be turned on or off by my list, and if you are, please refrain from telling me about it. Rule #2, I am allowed to change this list often. Rule #3, though I have a natural talent for making anything sound dirty...this is not one of those times. And Rule #4, Just Me, Belle, Holli, and Wendi...You're next! (yes, even if you have done it before, you have just been tagged again!)

Things that turn me ON:

1) when my husband wears his tight black shirt, a little cologne, and has five o'clock shadow.
2) hearing my name said in a sweet, sentimental type way. I love my name, but I hate it when someone yells it...oops, that's a turn off, i'll save that part for later.
3) chocolate! anything chocolate!
4) a nice, hot bath with candles and no kids....(ahhhhh)
5) driving a Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible Spider through the canyon
6) music (the type depends on my mood)
7) honesty and true friends (you know who you are!)
8) flowers
9) shopping!! (I love a good spending spree at Target!)
10) clean sheets

BONUS: Keira Knightly...she's hot.

Things that turn me OFF:

1) spilled milk. I hate spilled milk. I hate spilled sour milk even worse.
2) sticky. I hate sticky.
3) spam. I HATE spammers! GET OFF MY SITE!
4) forwarded e-mails when they never bother to keep in touch otherwise.
5) people signing me up for "free offers", etc. because it benefits them.
6) anonymous comments
7) RUDE and judgemental people; hypocrites
8) fidgeting, people who fidget drive me crazy...they make ME restless!
9) B.O.--nothing nastier!
10) saying my name in a mean or disappointed way...makes me sad.

BONUS: when I get the living shit scared out of me. (sorry, i tried to write "bejeebers" but there are times when only "shit" will suffice.) I hate it when people jump out and yell "BOO!", especially if they reach out and grab me! Or if it's followed by a comment about reptiles! YOU MEAN PEOPLE SUCK.



  2. lmao...daddy, how right you are!

  3. I don't even know what to say to this conversation.

  4. guess you should have been there...

  5. I love this blog! I think I just stumbled upon it, but it's so much fun! I will have to come back :-)

  6. Lord - how am I going to effectively do this without causing mayhem in my family.. because I could list them as some of the numbers sometimes.

    Hey - maybe I will. The aftermath will make for great blogging!!

  7. What good turn on's! I hate to be scared too. especially when your at a haunted house and the chainsaw guy comes out. I cant help but think it might be real for a second:0)

  8. Lars, the door is always open, my friend.

    and good to see you in the blogworld, Kelli Belly.

    and Holli, get busy!

  9. Hi! Just saw your registration on my site so I thought I'd come say Hi. I LOVE a few of those quotes you have on the top. AND, your lil monkey is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. I bet her and LB (My Ten month old) would have fun getting into trouble. :-)

  10. i'm going to have to snag your negative bonus - because that is one of my biggies too.. i can't help it, not stealing - just a fact of life. at least i know if our worlds ever collided we would not scare each other to death. at least not intentionally.

  11. Aren't our websites a form of plagiarism any way? I mean, it's like one big blogging orgy, where we all share each other's ideas, comments, and humor...right, holli? So go right ahead! Steal it!...I feel honored to mix spit with you.

    ohmygosh! did I really just go there? Oh well. I blame my inner 13 yr. old boy.

  12. this blog scares me!

  13. oh, Western Dave, You ain't seen nothin' yet!! But thanks for stoppin by.


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