Monday, August 08, 2005

Taking Time for Myself

I set up a timeblog in addition to this one. I want to start keeping better track of our mornings. I usually can't account for the time between when the kids get up in the mornings and when they go back down for naps. It's hard to keep a schedule because my munchkins are all under the age of four. I figure this will be a good way to keep me focused each day. And though I can't budget my checkbook for the life of me, I'm going to attempt to budget my time (according to priority, of course) which will tend to shift from day to day, but here's to good intentions, right?

One problem. I had planned on using a standard chart to track my time and a column for each of the kids. Obviously, I can't do that on here. Any suggestions? I've made a link to my timeblog just so you can see what I'm talking about. (I realize it's a boring website; no need to state the obvious.)

btw, it has already been brought to my attention that adding another blog to curb my current blog addiction is indeed counterproductive. Again, no need to state the obvious.

Today's LaughWill Be Brought To You By: Petroville.


  1. You are too cute! Your husband already thinks you have an addiction...What's one more blog! :)

    Thanks for the link to Petroville. She is funny!

  2. I was gonna say, won't throwing down another blog hurt your time? What you need is a massive chart on a wall, complete with gold stars and a neatly written mission statement!

  3. My husband (bsc), thinks I'm addicted to blogging too. My response: would you rather me be addicted to crack?

  4. I'm thinking of leading a blog addiction group, we can meet onlines and my fees will be really reasonable, (I can usually be bought for a Diet Dr. Pepper). Any takers?

  5. Belle, your the one that started our addiction, so your going to charge us to help us quite?

  6. um, yeah, belle...YOU STARTED IT!

    and Loriloo and bsc, a family that blogs together, stays together. Good for you! (now, if I could just get my husband to try it...) *insert diabolical laugh here*


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