Thursday, July 28, 2005

Until Then...

I hate to say it, I absolutely HATE to say it.

But I'm going to be without my computer for the next four days, and I just might have to sneak into my aunt's house this weekend and put up with her ever so slow dialup connection so I can get my blogging fix, even if for only 5 minutes!

If anybody needs me, I'll be in Malad, ID with the tiny one for a family reunion.

*my husband just asked, "you packed yet?"
"then what are you doing?"
"i'll give you one guess!?"

It's 10:30p.m. and I haven't begun to pack. (diaper bag, my crap, the baby's stuff, stroller, detailed notes for the babysitter, set the alarm for 5 A.M.!--need I go on?!) I can't focus until AFTER I've finished blogging. Goll, hasn't he learned this yet?!

p.s. how do you spell "goll" (as in Napolean Dynamite)? oh well.


  1. Have to say.. Malad pretty much blows. Sorry you have to go there! As far as the packing... just throw it all in at once... I'm sure it will be fine!

  2. Using the same smoking babysitter while you are gone? :)

  3. in the babysitter's defense, the kids were all asleep and had been for a couple of hours. She knows it a nasty habit, and is trying to quit.

  4. Dynomite... Best movie every.

  5. I think you spelled it right.

    Try to have fun and BREATHE through your time separated from your new fixation.

  6. Sigh - I think I've had too many beers (I've turned over possession of my child to my parents for the day and was out at the pool) so I have no idea what this post was about.. it was like Lord of the Rings.

    But see you in 4 days!!

  7. Consider telling him to help pack?...cuz of course your busy....there are

  8. Dialup...the horror!

    I feel your pain..truly I do.

  9. Maaaaan deeeee where are you?


Oh come on-- the least you can do is say HELLO!! You didn't come all this way to turn around and walk away, did you? DID YOU??