Sunday, July 17, 2005

A Day of Rest, A Day of Reflection, A Day of Nonstop Lovemaking...

Well two out of three isn't bad! I managed to skip church today, but in my defense, let me just say that I DID attend my four hour long presidency meeting! (Rather than being damned for skipping church, I consider myself "blessings owed" for that very reason!)

Let me explain.

The boy had nightmares last night, so I finally just crawled into bed with him...until 3 a.m when I couldn't take any more [barely-hanging-onto-the-bed-so-my-son-can-sleep-while-drooling-on-my-pillow] lack of rest. Hence, I didn't feel up to battling all three kids at church during their usual lunch and naptimes! (Accordingly, my husband didn't feel like sticking a thousand needles in HIS eyes either, so we opted for the "home schooling approach" to the sabbath.)

As you've probably already guessed, I woke up this morning feeling crappy. When my husband got home from his meeting, I told him point blank that I was going back to bed. And I think Mr. Barefoot might be having a good influence on him (see in other news) because I slept like a rock! And when I got up, the house was clean AND in one piece, my children were all HAPPY, and I was well-rested! What an amazing day!

Now, after my full night of planning, decision-making, and (at times) sheer boredom discussing the NEXT 6 MONTHS of YW, I'm exhausted!

...though I just might have time to cross off everything on my Sunday agenda...technically, there are still two hours left in my day!


  1. how'd that list achieving go?

  2. about as well as my day of cleaning the house and mowing the lawn and paying the bills and unpacking our suitcases and...

  3. Of course, Erika had to ask.

  4. Jeff, I'd be disappointed if she didn't...


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