Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Why I Hate Pull-ups #28

When I go to change my son's bum, and I pull down his shorts...guess what comes down with them?! The Pull-up. And guess what comes down with the Pull-up?! The poop! And guess where the poop goes? All over my couch. And what does my son do? Start to roll around like he has ants in his pants...smooshing the poop pebbles into poop spread, causing me to yell "stop it, you're getting [um poop?] everywhere!"... then who comes into the room? My tiny one! She thinks it would be great to fingerpaint with the poopspread! When I finally get her to stop, she decides, "okay, I will just take this nasty Pull-up with me..." (AFTER I've just reclaimed the runaway turds, and put them back in the dirty Pull-up!) Now I have smooshed poop pebbles trailing behind my tiny one year old, with poop paint all over her tiny little fingers, my son still running around butt-naked, laughing...and ALL because the stupid Pull-up had to Pull-down with his shorts!

I hate poop.


  1. I don't know how you do it. Poop is just one thing I don't tolerate anywhere other than the toilet... and even then, it's a stretch. I'm so not ready to have kids!

  2. Oh yeah? Well how about coming across this odd looking little brown thing in the hallway one evening, realizing it is poop, and then realizing you have no idea how it got there or how long it has been there.

  3. nice Jeff, you never told me about that!

  4. Next time let your marvelous hubby change the pull-up (or pull-down-whichever it may be at that moment).

    I always passed my baby to her daddy when it was a poopy diaper! :)


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