Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Barfing Babies Unite!

Apparently we tivo'd the same episode of Sesame Street. The tiny one has barfed 4 times; we're learning to count to ten.

Count Dracula:
"1! That's ONE barfing baby"
"2! That's TWO dunks in the bathtub"
"3! That's THREE nasty diapers"
"4! That's FOUR others in the litte miss household just waiting to get hit with the poop-onic Plague"
"5! That's FIVE blankets that need to be washed!"

I think next time, we'll just stick with learning the ABC's.


  1. oooooooooh, sorry!

  2. Hey little miss! I finally got around to reading your blog! I'm sorry about your baby and I hope that nobody else gets sick. Good luck!

    Your friend,


  3. I love it, your such a rock star. Now you've got Molly ready! What's next? People magazine!
    ps I realize very few people will get this, oh well I'm laughing enough for all of us.

  4. Your agent can contact me any time, I'm ready for my close-up.

    ; )

  5. I have many past posts about barfing.. I believe there is one entitled "and on the seventh day there was more vomiting". I love these bio-bomb babies.

    If you start a union for barfing babies, let me know.. we want to join.

    I hope everyone gets better... soon.

  6. Dude, Stephan even mention YOU in his last post - who are you sleeping with?

  7. Erika- don't you know that what happens in blogosphere, stays in blogosphere?

    And Holli, you're in!

  8. LOL - I didn't know that was directed at me.. because anyone that knows me knows my life knows that aspect is a sad, barren wasteland. okay - TMI.


  9. wait - who is stephan?? have i ever mentioned that i truly suffer from short-term memory loss?


  10. Oh no, Thats no fun!

  11. Stephan is Molly's brother

  12. Makes note to self....Sesame Street induces vomiting...lol

  13. I think that's a fair assumption.

  14. LOL...sorry I can't stop laughing at that...that's great!!


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