Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sunday, Sunday...La-da, La-da-da-da!

It's been a good day.

The grass is green, the birds are singing, the sun is up...I am unflappable, insert avian analogy for calm, cool, and collected *here*

(All of this is AFTER my oldest kicked me because I told her that she couldn't color, and the tiny one learned to SCREAM just to hear her own voice, and the dog peed on my bedroom floor, leaving me to soak the carpets with PeeBeGone, which smells awful until it dries, so I turned the A/C way down to dry it faster, and now we're freezing our butts off, and I have killer cramps from hell, and the boy still hasn't been sleeping well because of his waking nightmares, ALL of which would have sent me over the edge, but thanks to the Mama's and the Papa's...I'm singing "Sunday, Sunday, la-da, la da-da!...La-da, la da-da!") I don't know why.

I guess it's just been a good day.


  1. Glad to see someone has had a good day. Enjoy.

  2. That's a good day? Oh my... My mother has been pressuring me to give her grandchildren (apparently, this is her decision). I had actually thought about it... until I read your blog. I think it can wait!

  3. I miss read to "dog peed on my bedroom floor" thinking it said "I peed on my bedroom floor" phew thank goodness I read that again or I would have wondered about you. ;)

  4. After dealing with all that, shows strength of character to come out the other end of it singing and saying you had a good day. Bravo!

  5. That or she's should be committed.


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