Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My Blogality

Sorry, you'd have to be pretty bored at work (or desperately needing a break from the kids) to read through all of this...but I thought, what the hell? I'm a pretty desperate person.


what's your blogality? Here's mine:

"You're an ISFP : "I Seek Fun & Pleasure"

"You're gentle and compassionate...open and flexible...considerate of others and do not form views and opinions on them. Often focus on meeting others needs...pleasant, quiet and kind....at their best ensuring others well-being. Caring and sensitive....modest and reserved.. "
sorry to disappoint, but I DO form opinions, I don't LIKE to be modest,
I CAN be reserved (but not often)

"OK...you enjoy subjects that relate to helping and knowing about people... art ... computers and history classes if these classes are taught with an applied, sensible approach.. and if objectives relate directly to everyday lives.... "
ummmm...I agree with this.

"You're somewhat artistic, aren't you? You could probably post a great poem on the Storm Palace, huh? You dislike structure, because it takes away from your spontaneity and freedom. You like leisure, and seek it out. You savor it...probably say "stop and smell the roses"...You have a personal and humorous approach that is unique... "
Okay, smarty pants, you're on the right track.

"Patient and flexible..easy to get along with and no need to dominate others. You don't need to lead, and are a loyal follower...good team members... You're trusting and understanding...
I'm a wife and a mother. That seems to change the "loyal follower" and
"no need to dominate others" idea! But I am definitely a team player.

Love to you is utter devotion and loyalty... when you first fall in love, you may feel consumed by it...."falling in love with love" ...focus on the romance of it all..you are constantly nourishing the relationship... When scorned, you probably retreat and repeatedly analyze the situation internally....When you let go finally, you can be more assertive again... "
That was me 10 years ago. Now I'm assertive by nature.

"You organize things according to their personal and humanistic values. You like a work setting that contains cooperative people... leadership style involves personal loyalty as a means of motivating others... prefer team approach...likes to enjoy life..."

"Be careful of the following: you can lose out when you neglect your own needs. because you see others' needs so clearly, and because you're heavily motivated toward meeting others' needs, you may overlook your own requirements. You need to learn how to respect own needs more and to be assertive and direct with others in asking for their help and for time to take care of themselves."
What can I say? I am my mother's daughter!

"You also lose out when you are afraid of conflict and mismanage it as a result. You take personal responsibility for conflicts and issues that in actuality belong to others. You become hurt and withdraw. Finally, you can lose out when you become self-critical, and do not appreciate your own accomplishments. "

hmmmm....and all of this from answering four questions!


  1. I'm:

    ENFP: "Every day, New Fantastic Possibilities"

  2. Feelers (the F) really get on my nerves. No consistancy, just how ever they 'feel' at the moment


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