Monday, October 02, 2006

I'll Give You One Guess...

As to who puked all over the backseat today, while we were stuck in traffic for 45 minutes?!!

On a happier note, go wish my friend a happy birthday. She'll be back in town in a couple of days, and I want her to smile when she sees her blog!

Thanks, and I hope your Monday is/has been better than mine!


  1. Man, there has been a lot of barfing and pooing in your world lately.


    I'm glad you mentioned her blog, apparently my rss reader isn't updating correctly.

  2. ugh! stay away.

    Wish I could be there to help you clean it up. (ok... maybe not. That was a total Lie!)

  3. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Little kids puking... is there anything more pathetic?

    I saw that you dropped by the blog. Thanks for visiting. When did you leave Coralville?

  4. i JUST got done telling my bff that I wish i was with child. You have sufficiently changed my mind. Thank you.

  5. Yikes! I bet that was one stinky ride!! I hope everyone is feeling better!

    I wanted to stop by and let you know there is a new post up at Bible Bloggers and I'd love your input!!

  6. LoL! Arwen, come see me for ALL your birth control needs!! ; )

    ozzyc- left Iowa three years ago, it's safe to say that I'm one home sick chica.

  7. Hey, this has nothing to do with your blog here, but I just wanted to clear the air and leave things at peace. I'm glad that you read my blog. I wonder, however, how long you've been a reader for. The reason I wonder this is because part of what I enjoy is finding humor in many things, yes, even Christianity. They way I see it, the God who created the zebra, giraffe, and dare I say even our sense of humor enjoys some of our sarcasm or joking or silliness. I know all about LDS, I know how to spell Mormon, I even own and have read my own copy of the Pearl of Great price, the book of mormon, the D&C, and all that jazz. I thought it was funny to spell Mormon "More-man". It's a funny play on words I thought...i must have been wrong. Sorry for offending you in some way...but may I suggest that you try to read my blogs more lightheartedly (if you choose to read again). No hard feeelings I hope.

  8. Wow, Ryan, after that comment I rushed on over to your blog to see what offended the LM so. I didn't find an offended LM at all. From what I saw, you asked a comment and she answered, (as per your request). She was not upset or offended. I promise. Believe me, if she was offended by anything, you'd know it. I really feel like she was just adding her 2 cents to your discussion. I wonder what makes you believe she was upset or offended.

  9. I think you need to get some coorks to plug everything up. These explosive orfices are no good! ;O) jk, job everyone is feeling ok!

  10. Oh no! You will look back on it and laugh though! No, honest, you will... :]

  11. Anonymous6:52 PM

    A little off-topic...

    Considering that your blog shows time in Australia, are you there? If so, how did you end up down under?

  12. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Dang, Ry... back off the girl...

  13. All I can say is I smiled and laugh a ton when I saw that! Thank you for the birthday wish, honestly it was the best present I got.!!!!


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