Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Let the Headlines Continue:

1. Poo Soup: Read what happens when you mix a child, diarrhea, and a tub full of water!
2. Is there Ever a Better time for new carpet?!
3. Up to our elbows in Poo and Puke, come join the fun!
4. Mommy, what's a shart? And other important lessons in life.
5. Doctor's offices and vomit go together like peas and carrots.
6. Learn why it's best to carry two changes of clothes!
7. Do you smell that?!
8. Puking at the sight and smell of puke
is NOT a learned response.
9. Tired of doing laundry? Just throw it OUT!
10. Sleep it off, pretend it was all a bad dream. (good night!)

P.S. How do you get rid of the poop smell?? I have washed, scrubbed, and sanitized after changing every poopy bum, and yet, I can still smell it!! Even when there was no direct hand-to-poo contact, I even smell like poo! WTH?! And don't get me started on the stinch from day old vomit in the backseat of our van--baking, literally, baking in the hot car.


  1. Oh, I am so sorry. My stuff seems like cake compared to all that.......the whole poo smell. I think it just gets in your nose, we had that at one point and I would walk around saying I could still smell it. That drove Husband nuts.

    Hope you are all getting some (much needed it sounds like) rest and start feeling better!

  2. Anonymous7:31 AM

    What is a shart, anyway?

    If you can't get rid of the poopy smell, try covering it up with something you like.

  3. dreadful sorry, but really, couldn't you have kept it miles away from here?

  4. Ummm... Maybe I'll stick with just having a dog and a fish for a little bit longer!

  5. Wow, wow, wow. I suppose Febreeze isn't strong enough for such atrocities?

    After this series of events you deserved to be cleansed at a spa.

  6. Oh my....... GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just about gagged thinking about this. Sadly enough, I can relate.

  7. This post is pretty much hell on earth for me! EEEK!

  8. f**k that.

    That's the only comment I'm leaving from now on. I just seems to fit everything.

  9. Ozzy- didn't you ever see that stupid movie, Along Came Polly? w/ Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck? (I think, anyway) he thought he farted but sh*t instead??

    RM, hey, at least I AM miles away from "here"!!

    Erika- I just love you so much it hurts!! ; )

    and to the rest of you, sorry to make you gag--but I HAVE BEEN LIVING IT FOR THE PAST 5 DAYS!!

  10. Really do you want me to have children?

    Sorry for all the poop and vomit, does not sound like a fun weekend.

  11. It was NOT a stupid movie. I OWN IT... and it was Ben Stiller!

    Um, YUCK! I love ya. but... UM, YUCK!

  12. Couldn't tell you how to get the shat smell out. Stinks to high hell here. Hope y'all feel better soon.

  13. Oh Yuck! I love your humor in all things gros! :) You are a better sport than I would be!

  14. *gross*

    Oops, forgot to proofread.

  15. Oo-Fa! That is some bad stuff happening! I think the smell get in our pores....that has happened to me, lol.

    Yeah, you are jacked on the van seat. Maybe just chip it off after is petrifies, lol!

  16. Baking soda in the vehicle. Works most of the time. Also in the laundry.

    And f*ck is right.


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