Thursday, October 26, 2006

good moms have bad days

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Yesterday was a bad day. We were running late for school, my Kindergartner was fighting me the whole way, the three year old was screaming at me, and the two year old refused to get dressed. I was frantic. I finally got to school and my oldest smashed her two fingers in the seat belt and said, "owe shit!".

Great. Now I have a little girl that swears.

I took the others to a doctor's appointment that was full of tears and fighting, got lost on the way home, missed nap time, got the 5 year old home from school...only to find a note from the principal that she had 3 absences and 5 tardies.

I received this LECTURE of a paper about how this affects my child's education and continuing on this path will ultimately lead to a life of crime. (no, I'm NOT kidding.) To top it off, I'm supposed to sign and date this paper and return it to the principal. It's manipulative and I'm impulsive. Mix that with my short temper...and things are likely to get ugly. So what do I do? If I talk to the school, I will probably make a fool of myself because I am so angry and frustrated. If I sign the paper, I'm only giving in to their little system that I'm hating right now. If I don't sign the paper, I've heard rumors that eventually they'll send a social worker out to the house. That's ALL I NEED!

Can you imagine?? It's like fighting a police officer over a speeding ticket that's under 5 mph over the limit. Arguing with him will only piss him off, he'll feel disrespected--and we all know what happens then! You just can't win!

I need to let it go. I'm just praying that the school won't approach me over this matter; otherwise, I'm afraid I'll tell them EXACTLY what I think.


  1. Sorry you had a sucky day! What school are you talking about? GEEZ Hailee's been like 5 min late almost every day! I'd bring it back to them and talk to them those asses. What if your kids sick? Or theres an accident or something?

  2. All of which have happened!! one kid is sick, or one is still asleep, or my van gets totaled, or i forgot to make her lunch, or the fender bender on the way to school (not mine), or i dressed her for warm weather and when we get outside realize the windows are frosted over--change clothes and have to wait for the van to warm up to melt the ice because we don't own a scraper!!

    and it is FREAKING KINDERGARTEN for crying out loud!!!

    no, no, if I go into the school, i'm going to tell them EXACTLY what they should do with that piece of paper--and like I said before, it will NOT BE PRETTY.

  3. Are you even serious about the freakin' school? OH MAH GAH. I'm serious, that has to be the most lame-ass backward thing I've ever heard. There are families that shoot heroine with the kids in the room, go fix that or something.

    Oh, don't even get me started on the meth users. (So a mom with her hands full? Like all of us are? Who MAY be late? COME ON... oy...)

  4. OH NO. Are you having Dejavu??? Getting in trouble for being late and not attending school all over again. Cause this post is causing me some SERIOUS racing of the heart just THINKING of getting in trouble again for NOT going to school.

    I'm screwed. I'm always late. Let's hope that SASSY'S school is a bit more LAX!

  5. A social worker if you don't sign it! WTF!!! That is just crazy, I'm sorry you've been having a bad day that's just sucks!!! Hope it gets better.

  6. Okay, the kindergarden-police need to just back off. Seriously, they requested that you sign the paper and return it to them like some five year old? I would write them a letter telling them how you really feel, and then request they return it to you signed and dated.

  7. Loo--you make me laugh because that's EXACTLY what I was thinking!!

  8. I assume you are in the US, but believe you me, its like that here in Canada too. Our Grade 2 boy has an AGENDA that he has to make notes in about homework, upcoming events etc. When something outrageously minor happens, we get a note about it and have to sign it and return it. We are supposed to initial each days entries. We get phone calls about issues that when we were kids would just result in a recess detention.

    Teachers nowaday wish to pawn off the actual teaching and discipline on parents.. ugh

  9. Dude. I thought my son's school was harsh. Well...skip the social worker thing and acutally, they sound similar.

    The amount of homework/lame little odds and ends (Like initialing everything in triplicate and providing copies of everything and signing away the rights to your working kidney, etc.) a parent has nowadays is horrific.

    If you don't conform you are threatened or made to feel 'VERY BAD" by reprimanding letters sent home.

    I feel the very same way you do. It was a pretty frustrating experience being the PTA President because I was required to send out notices like that with my name attached to it. I tried to change it, but alas...the Principal won.

    I will make you feel better by telling you my son has gotten quite a few of those notices with my name boldly printed at the bottom.


  10. Leave it alone. I'll handle it next week. It can wait.

  11. Erika--

    don't you mean f**k that?

  12. I have never heard about that! It sounds completely asinine. I think you should go in and ask why they think sending home a letter of that nature helps the situation. And then ask them to spend a day in your shoes and see how it feels.

  13. well, actually I was saving that for them when I got there


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