Thursday, October 05, 2006

Why I'm Not Blogging

I need to pay the bills.
I need to balance the checkbook.
I need to walk the dog.
I need to paint the house.
I need to clean the house.
I need to play with my kids.
I need to pray.
I need to read books.
I need to fold clothes.
I need sleep.

Instead of discussing poop, ballet, barfing, swearing, exercise (or any combination of the aforementioned travails of my life)
I leave you with this article. Enjoy.

(thanks Lisa for bringing the cold, hard truth to light!)


  1. That was a great article, although I doubt I could ever be dissuaded from blogging.


    I hope God hears you and stops the Excrement and Vomit issues!


  2. "massive wave of tripe"

    Ack, OK, that visual did it for me. Deleting my blog now!

  3. that was a good article, I agreed with a lot of it. But blogging is fun and even though I keep thinking I need to quit, I just can't. It's my addiction. Hope all is okay.

  4. I hadn't thought about the fact that my posts could "linger" for years...

    HA! Won't my kids be embarrassed!

  5. OMGosh, any one or combination of
    aforementioned is reason enough.

    I'm always in need of doing at least three of these at any given time, lol!

  6. Okay, just got the internet back (HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!) still no baby (she's a week late, dagnabit) and your entries - although not pleasant for you- have just made me laugh until I cried and then almost wet myself. Thank you SO much for sharing the poo and vomit - that's why I love blogs, I appreciate so much learning and laughing at other's expense. I'm sure there's enough to be laughed at my own anyway:) THANK YOU!! (oh, husband laughed his head off too, merci!)

  7. If only I had read the article two plus years ago! I'm too far gone now!

    Found you through Just Me's blog and loved your highjack post on her blog so I thought I would stop by.


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