Monday, October 09, 2006

The Difference Between Us

Here's my idea of a good sandwich:
meat, bread, cheese, handful of chips, soda
Total time involved: two minutes

I asked him, "honey, why are you rearranging the fridge?"
I'm making a sandwich.

His idea of a good sandwich?

chipotle mayo, fancy mustard, toasted chiabata bread,
garlic, salt and freshly ground pepper,
heaps of marinated and grilled chicken, melted cheese,
roasted red peppers, placed under the broiler,
added lettuce and tomato and cucumber,
side of pickles, and ginger ale.
Total time involved: two hours - two days
(give or take)


  1. Oh my HELL.

    I think my stomach just became completely twitterpated with that DIVINE HUNK OF GASTRONOMICAL WONDER ON A PLATE.




  2. Holy CRAP! Thats huge! I wish my husband ate like that. I out eat him all the time! Wussy. Just kidding I take that back, he's not a wussy. I'm just an over eater. It makes me happy :0)

  3. wow, I wish my husband would take the hint to make himself something for dinner. His idea of cooking is boiling a hotdog and calling it dinner.

  4. Oh my gosh ... I'm really hungry now. That sandwich looks so freaking good. Where should I send my order?

  5. Does he share? Can I have a bite?

  6. I want his sandwich - if he's making it. But I agree - if I'm making it, I'd do it your way!!

    Cute pic. You have such a cute family!!

  7. he is such a foody!

    oh sorry I mean: f**k that!

  8. Oh N8... You have to know him to really find the HUMOR in this SILLY SANDWHICH!

    GEEK! (Love him... but GEEK!)

  9. I hate to admit it, but that sandwich does look mighty delish!

    However, I hate preparation time. I would rather watch the good people at Subway do it for me!

  10. See what happens when you make men watch the Home and Garden Network?

    Sounds like a reasonable sandwich to me.


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