Monday, October 23, 2006

Today's Inspirational Thought

Brought to you by none other than Willydo (my dad):

Some people are like slinkies...
Not really good for anything......
But they still bring a smile to your face
when you push them down a flight of stairs.

Do you see why I LOVE my dad??
If not, please refer to this (click here)
or perhaps this (click here).

Speaking of which...Guess who was here??

Nana and Papa came to visit us for the weekend. We went to the pumpkin patch, listened to Bud-duh sing Scooby Doo for 35.minutes.straight, performed plastic surgery on pumpkins, took turns swearing as we installed our new kitchen light (THANKS DADDY!!), changed the language on the GPS system to Espanol and British English, ate Brazilian cuisine, and laughed our asses off as a comedian made fun of the male (and female) intelect-or lack(s) thereof.


  1. Boy could I have used some willydo, or fukitol, which ever, these past few weeks. Oh well.

  2. sorry, what I meant to say was: f**k that

  3. The one of your daughter and the black pumpkin made my heart ooze all over.

    SO CUTE.

    Oh, and I completely need some Fukitol as well. I'll trade you come ComaDoze for it...

  4. Looks like a fun weekend with the folks!!! Great pictures too, hope your Monday was better this week!

  5. OH. I love willydo too.

    Glad you had fun. It's always nice to have family around... Ok, I refraze that. It's SOMETIMES nice to have family around.

  6. check this out. Sorry don't have time to email you... on a plane in a couple of hours. There is your LITTLE friend with her new Little friend... one Ms. Becky Higgins!

    Are you going home? your Mommy will be home soon. OH.MY.GOODNESS. Are you going home? CALL ME NOW!

  7. good golly these pictures are so cute I am freaking out! Most adorable family everrrr!

  8. Oh man, YEAH! You gotta love Dad, lol! Sounds like it was a fabulous weekend...the pictures are GREAT!!

  9. I love the picture of your parents with the pumpkins, so cute!


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