Thursday, February 16, 2006

Workin' 9 to 5

C'mon, you can't just read the title and keep have to sing it! All together now!

"Working nine to five
what a way to make living
Barely getting by
it's all taking and no giving.
They just use your mind
and they never give you credit
It's enough to drive you crazy
if you let it..."

I started a new job on Monday. (Hence the lack of bloggership on my part--my deepest and most sincere apologies!) I work for the lab in a local hospital. Yes, I am the one who comes in the ass crack of dawn to draw your blood, and run the lab tests. You can call me a phlebotomist, vampire, blood sucker...but please, do not call me $&@!*? #*%$&#! Remember, it is YOUR doctor who has ordered the tests; I'm just doing what I am told.

I don't really work nine to five, but I was trying to get the song stuck in your head. Did it work?! I have been doing the morning shifts (4a.m. to 12:30p.m.), but I'll start nights this weekend.

More about this later. Apparently, there are people (ah hem) tapping their fingers until I get this posted!


  1. ah, much better, all is right with the world again

  2. Wow, working girl. Yeah, I hate the blood suckers!!! LOL Is this a better job or just different? Congrats.

  3. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Oh, I feel much better now. And I didn't even need a shot!

  4. I was worried about why you hadn't blogged for a while then I remembered that you started your job! Glad you like it!

    Little Miss use to try to draw blood from people that came to visit her when we lived near each other. She really is a blood sucker... lol!

  5. you better git on it sista! do NOT...i NOT let this blog ARE superwoman! ;-)~

  6. yeah you started your job and got new scrubs last night, just so you know wal-mart does sell scrubs. and these pants are the most comfy pants in the world.
    COOKIE- girrl you got three kids
    YOU- yeah
    COOKIE- girrl you ben fuckin
    love ya

  7. oh by the way...i have a poo poo post today...i thought you'd appreciate it ;-)~

  8. Ha ha ha! "Sucks" to be you...okay, okay, really bad joke...
    Congrats on the new job : )

  9. "but please, do not call me $&@!*? #*%$&#!"

    Love it!!! Yes, we do not like people like you. Trying to get rest, trying to feel better, then here you come. Poke us and ask how we are sleeping.

    I WAS sleeping better...UNTIL.YOU!!

  10. This is like one of those "don't blame the messenger" things isn't it? Honestly, I never blame the lab people--it's hard to imagine a less fun thing to do than be poking people at the ass crack of dawn or otherwise.

  11. Thanks for the song... Now I have it suck in my head!

    Good luck with the new job. I either love you blood suckers or hate you. Some people have quite a talent for drawing blood. I love when I get a good one. And others, well, they need to get a new profession. I hope you fall into the first category. (Wink)

  12. Oh my good friend is a phlebotomist, vampire, blood sucker too! People always act like she's the devil, weird.

  13. I always blame the docs for blood test and I have thank you for sticking that song in my head again lol

  14. Yeah, I'm not all about the workin' thing...blogging, I want the blogging! LOL!

  15. I HATE YOU PEOPLE! But you already know how I feel about your job. PLUS, I finally get around to calling you tonight. Havn't REALLY talked to you since the baby... and... You are at the DUMB job!

    I know, you have to support the TARGET habbit SOMEHOW!

    I love you and miss you! We'll chat tomorrow!

  16. Congratulations on the new job!

    Ah, yes you would love me. You can't take it from the middle of the crook of elbow. It has to come from one of the side veins that everyone always says will roll. Trust me it's better that way.

  17. congrats on the new job.

    wouldn`t you prefer to stay at home??

    i know i would..

  18. Welcome back to the rat race. It sucks to have to go back. I don't know if I will ever get over the guilt, but we gotta eat!


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