Sunday, February 19, 2006

So the other night...

I had some awful (REALLY AWFUL) gas. I was on my way out the door, and I heard my husband walk into the bathroom and say, "Sweetie! (to the four year old) Did you forget to flush?!" And I just rolled on the floor!! I was laughing so hard I may have wet my pants. Okay, well I probably peed a little bit and had to change my underwear. But the greatest part was I farted in the bedroom, in the BACK of the house...and somehow, my husband thought it was the bathroom that got all funked up. And better yet--that it was my daughter who did it!!

FYI: I have been a SAHM since my oldest was born, and I'm slowly getting my foot back in the door. Today marks the end of my first work week since becoming a mom. I have put in over 40 hours with all of the training and shifts I've covered. Once I am proficient in my responsibilities, things will slow down a bit, and I'll be down to less than 20 hours a week. Until then, I remain the lab's bitch. I miss you all, and will chat with you soon!

p.s. two words my spell check had to learn today: farted and funked


  1. Going back to work must be hard. I just became a SAHM mom and am going to start working some evenings and weekends.....when I look for a job! ;-) Good for you!

    I wish there was someone else in my house to blame that on....Little Man isn't old enough yet!

  2. Isn't it great to be able to blame the kids for that stuff. Especailly if it's in a car or public place, lol.

    It will be nice when things slow down for you!

    Thanks for playing...

    Outgoing. I love to socialize and will talk to anyone. However, I do HATE the spotlight!
    Yes, I love taking pictures
    Top 40 and 80's, I know I'm a chooch! Not refinded enough for classical, lol
    Rebel, but it is always with a cause.
    Unpredictable...I guess I can be.

  3. Woa! Back to work, good for you! I hope you like it.

    By the way, farts are STILL funny to me, and always will be :-)

  4. It's so hard to adjust back. I hope it goes smoothly. You sound like you're having fun.

    My husband would never blame the kids - he would think it was me from the start!

  5. it's SO important to teach your spell check a new word everyday

  6. i wish i could be a SAHM when i have a baby..

  7. You have my admiration, I will be joining you shortly. Adult converstation, good. Missing my baby till my heart squeezes out tears....

    You reminded me of a funny story with a "funky bathroom", I'll have to post on my blog. Tease, I know.

  8. Too funny that Sweetie got blamed for the funk. I admit I've let other kids taken the blame for my stinkyness!

    I miss talking to you.

  9. here you are going back to the workforce and I am slowly getting out of it. Good luck with the new job, I know you'll do great!

  10. I was going to write something really funny here and thought better of it.

  11. Just sooooo glad that I'm not the only one who funks up the house like that. SugarPlum must have asked ten times yesterday if Bug had a poopie diaper. Finally I had to admit, "No! It's me, okay?! I have gas. Deal with it, missy!"


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