Friday, February 03, 2006

What's for Dinner?

a conversation earlier tonight:

Me: "Teriyaki rice and quesadillas??" ((offering him a plate))

My husband: Oh sure! Teriyaki rice and quesadillas go together just, well, just like...teriyaki rice and quesadillas!

hope your dinner was better than ours!

p.s. The E-bay auction has ended. Please congratulate Barefoot on her winning bid!!


  1. I had waffles... it was actually the perfect dinner.

  2. Anonymous12:31 AM

    I had a bowl of cereal. Mmmmm good!

    Ok, that dog thing is just wrong!! :0)

  3. I plead sickness and want to back out of murphey's bid for damn dog. Clearly I can't be expected to regulate his activities while on so much medication, and did I mention the fever?

  4. HA! Who says you can't go around the world in one meal? LOL

  5. We almost had pizza, but while the husband was getting it out of the oven he dropped it and it landed on the burner at the bottom of the stove, caught fire, I threw water on it, and ummm yeah we had Oreo's for dinner.

  6. well than why didnt he just make his own dinner! and congrats to murphey on his winnings, they will both be very happy

  7. Hey! That is quite alright! I had Hawaiian chicken and Mexican rice! (However, I won't do it again....NOT the best mix!) LOL!

  8. My first thought is, if he feels he has a better way to plan meals he can do it!!! hahaha


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