Saturday, November 07, 2009

How many days in November??

Well crap...look what I've gotten myself into with Nabloshmopo... I have been on the road all day, need to get some school work done, probably even go to bed and get some much needed rest. Instead, well? Here I am fulfilling my duty.

So I decided to take a trip up north to visit Willy D.O. (aka Daddy). Driving through Tennessee this time of year was...well, to be honest? A little disappointing this time around! I don't know if my outlook was poor (I'm still having some health issues and not much of a happy camper these days) or if all the trees and all the beautiful fall leaves were, well... just dying and rotting leaves, nothing even close to breathtaking as I remember from previous years of making the same drive.

Either I need an attitude adjustment or mother nature does!

Hopefully Willy D.O. will be able to work some doctor magic, get me feeling 110% again, and sprinkle some fairy dust on the trees and make them sparkle for my drive back home Monday. And not this fairy dust...the OTHER kind of fairy dust, ya know, like Tinkerbell and the Sparrowmen? Oh wait, dad doesn't wear green tights either. Damn. Nevermind. Skip the fairy dust part--go right for the touch of gold.

Yes, that's the one.

p.s. before you go throwing stones at me... I've already done it for you. No need to say you feel my remarks were offensive. (And just for the record, there were men dressed as actual fairies in the pride parade-- hence the jog down memory lane!) So there.

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