Monday, June 25, 2007

THANKS TO THE RED, WHITE, & BLUE (and the orange, yellow, green, and purple)

After getting a GPS system yesterday, my Dad (aka Willy D.O.) and I decided to "get lost" downtown and let Magi take us home. (Magi is what I named my Magellan navigation system). We took a random exit off the interstate and saw crowds of people everywhere, streets were blocked off, police were on every corner...

then we realized--IT'S PRIDE WEEKEND!!

How could we skip out on such a cultural opportunity?! So of course we parked the car, joined the crowds, enjoyed a flamboyant parade, and then had a nice leisurely lunch on the patio of a local tavern!! It was AWESOME!!

*this all happened after spending the morning at a gun show and buying Coach and Prada bags for under $100 while N8 took the kids to church by himself-- I know, I know...I'm such a decent human being.

Other title considered for this post:
--Nothing Says the Sabbath Like Guns, Knock offs,
Taverns, and Flamboyancy!!


  1. Sounds like a great day. I love GPS. And I want to see your new coach and prada bag. I don't think I could get a knock-off Coach bag because Ariel would notice but I'd definitly get a knock-off Prada.

  2. HOW FUN.
    I wish I could do all of that while Sluffing church. I usually have to fake an illness to get out of going. Either that... or keep my kids home with me... and that is NOT A BREAK!
    JEALOUS. Love that Willy-do! LOVE HIM! (i bet he even bought you that yummy cake too... hate that I wasn't there to eat it with you!)

  3. SHUT UP! I so want to go to Pride Day! You would think with all the gay people I love and hang out with ONE OF THEM WOULD INVITE ME, but NOOOOOOO...

    Between that and the handbags I am almost speechless with jealousy n' stuff.

  4. well?
    how did you show your pride?

  5. Ah, I went to the pride parade in Toronto. Don't you just love the fun spirit? :)

  6. Love the rainbow cake! Of course cake is the first thing I notice!


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