Friday, November 13, 2009


Where is Perez when you need him?! Hmmm? I expected SOMEONE to totally rip on Taylor Swift for her performance on the CMA's last night...I have been sorely disappointed. I guess winning Album of the Year had something to do with it, eh? This punk rock/teenage angst thing just wasn't workin for her...and actually, she reminded me of ME (long legs, lanky, not great with choreography but following someone else's dance steps anyway) and I just felt bad for her. Okay, I felt bad for myself. But whatever. Watch the video. You decide.

*word of caution, the song AND the bizarre outbreak (I mean break out) performance by Taylor kinda grows on you after a while

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  1. I recorded the CMA's because it was bath night for NUGS. After seeing this post I watched it today. UM. YEAH. That was bad!


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