Monday, November 02, 2009

yes- that SMELL?!

Having been pregnant three times, there are certain ummm...alterations my body has made.

  1. I can wet my pants with a sneeze or two jumps on a trampoline (try me!)

  2. My boobs sag like my grandma's (only hers were double EE's, mine are just double)

  3. My gag reflex has been forever altered.

For example, if you cook fish in this house, if you cook eggs in this house, or if you cook fish AND eggs in this house, I will gag. If I change a really horrible diaper, chances are, I will gag. If there is something rotting in the backseat or in the garage or in the fridge, guess what? I will gag.

So do not be surprised if the smell of rotting cabbage (otherwise known as sauerkraut) being heated over the stove makes me GAG. It's not your cooking that is making me gag; it's your choice of ingredients.

And if I have to plunge the clogged toilet and scoop shit out by hand in order to get the thing to flush, do not be surprised if I run to the sink and gag and vomit. Even if it is only 5 minutes after the last time I gagged due to the rotting vegetables simmering in my kitchen...I am not saying your cooking is the equivalent of scooping SHIT OUT OF THE TOILET.

You made that connection all on your own, and I can't be blamed for the physiological changes my body has endured by carrying your children. I'm just sayin...we all have to make sacrifices.

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  1. Sounds like a fun night! And sauerkaut... mmm! I've been lucky especially this pregnency not to get very sick from smells or thought of food. I like this kid already!


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