Thursday, November 12, 2009

mid-day DO OVER!

Today was not starting out well...I missed Thanksgiving lunch with Tiny and her Kindergarten class, waiting for Sweetie's class to come an hour later when I got called out for work. It was one of those "drop everything and run" phone calls. I didn't even get to say good-bye or explain to Sweetie why I would not be waiting for her in the school cafeteria.

When I got home a few hours later, both girls were in tears because I had let them down. Not only did I let them down, but they got their feelings HURT. Tiny went so far as to say she wished she wasn't here because then I "would be able to go to Sweetie's lunch and then Bud-duh's lunch and nobody would be left alone". I felt so bad...crawled back into my bed (pillows over top) and cried.

Thankfully there was little time for self-pity. Nannie and Poppie took Tiny to get new shoes, Bud-uh went with Daddy to cub scouts, which left Sweetie and I to enjoy a (spur of the moment) girls night out! We walked to the Chinese restaurant and laughed and giggled and talked and snuggled. Followed by dessert at Dunkin' was so nice to be with her.

*Tonight was in no way a "kiss up" for skipping out on her, though I don't know I can fully express what I am feeling. It was as though I was being given a "do over" to my day. The Lord recognized this need in my life and provided a way to show me I was going to be OK after all. Thank you.


  1. That's so nice that you were given a "do over!"
    You are training to be a midwife, if I remember correctly, right? Do your daughters understand the nature of your job? (Or have I got it all wrong?)

  2. Yes- you are correct : D

    My girls have gotten quite the education over the past year for sure! Sweetie (8 yrs old) will humor me but not like Tiny--she's all over it! Asking lots of questions. I try not to make my job mysterious in any way. I don't want them growing up with fear or anxiety over becoming a mother. Birth is normal; it's what women do; it's simple.

  3. hi. i love you & i love this do-over story!!! i think i will take ap to dessert & think of you guys!!!

  4. I think that is great that you are giving your girls a great education about birth, I'm a huge advocate of the "birth is natural, your body knows what it is doing" thought. BTW, I had my little girl today, no induction necessary! We are all doing well!


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