Wednesday, June 06, 2007

That's IT--I'm putting it out there.

On IM the other night, Say Cheese and I were talking about how we never get to actually talk any more. It's been months since we've had an actual conversation (sans the internet) because life is so hectic. Phone conversations just don't occur amidst screaming children, chaotic family dramas, interruptions for scheduling conflicts or service announcements from our husbands, church callings, and 10 million other responsibilities we take on as women

hence ONE OF US might have said the following:
one day we will be able to call each other up just to talk about the huge [dump] we took the day before...but until then, this will have to do.

*So here's my renewed commitment: i promise to write about all the [shit] that goes on around here and archive it for my posterity for your lurking pleasure, skid marks included-
(free of charge, of course)



    But. Then I would miss you!

    Soo.. how big WAS YOUR DUMP YESTERDAY?

  2. How FUNNY! Those conversations are always the best and usually had with my husband, lol.

    I do feel your pain though as far as NO TIME!!

  3. It's the week before, well, you know. So I'm running to the bathroom every five minutes. Why is it that when the upstairs plumbing fires up, the downstairs plumbing goes to hell?

    How is that fair? I have a big purple toe, (from dropping a damn candle on it yesterda), and the doc put me in a wrist brace today because what I thought was tendonitis from working on a computer all day. As it turns out, it is a ganglion cyst and if it is not better in a month I could be looking at surgery.

    So, today, I hate the world.

  4. I TOLD YOU IT WAS A GANGLION CYST... But NO... you needed to consult my Dr. husband.

    HA... HA... I KNEW IT!

    (I mean. Darn... I hope you don't have to have surgery!)
    Have Trav kiss your big PURPLE toe!

  5. Ack! The dreaded topic of excrement!!! AAAAAACCCCCKKKKK!!!!!

  6. That is just straight funny! Woo Hoo. Little Miss always talks Sh** among her friends! I remember when most of your posts revolved around it! HA! Way to go Say.Cheese! :)


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