Friday, June 08, 2007

Kids Bored This Summer?

HA--send them to vacation bible school!! My kids now sing rodeo songs about Jesus and do line dances to the theme

"Avalanche Ranch: A wild ride through God's word!"
whoo whooo. it is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

*hey, at least they aren't home with me!

*they had such an amazing time!
Sweet yet Sassy-this is for you:
SADDLE UP YOUR HORSES!! (sing it with me!!)


  1. That is hilarious. I am doing the music for the VBS here at my church. Guess what it is.... Avalanche Ranch! No lie. I am line dancin' for Jesus.

    Have been practicing in my office ALL freakin' morning! LOL!

  2. Uhm....Did you ship your kids to Oklahoma?! LOL

  3. LOL!!!

    Is it wrong that I don't think I could bear to send Faith away that long??? What's wrong with me??? I still can't send her away for the weekend?

  4. How funny! Our VBS starts Monday...."Game Day" theme. The only problem....I'm TEACHING, so they aren't home with me, I'm with a million of THEM, lol!

  5. No, no, no...Holli--it was only from 9-noon Mon. thru Friday.

    Sweet yet Sassy--I am sending Sweetie to stay w/ you for the summer because guess what? She might no do well at ballet, but that little girl can line dance!!

    momyblogr--you are INSANE too! (OK, maybe I can't say that b/c I have served my time in nursery and am now teaching the adult sunday school class--which is almost worse because they have OPINIONS and talk back; at least with little children, they just soak it up!) Good Luck!!

  6. Wow three whole hours to yourself! What do you do? Enjoy it, kick up your feet and have a coke Zero. I love the pictures. The kids are getting so big!!!

  7. You said you were shipping Sweetie not Tiny right?! LOL!

    Your kids shirts are a lot more festive than ours. We have tan shirts with a red bandana! Yeeeeee Haw!

    P.S. Thanks for the song! As if it won't be in my head all week as it is! Appreciate ya! HA!


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