Saturday, June 09, 2007

No, I Did Not Slap Her!

Anyone remember the Funkwatch '07? (click here)

Apparently there was no flesh eating virus or killer mosquito ants that secretly attacked without notice...nope! The girl cherub brought it with her! Sweetie hadn't been feeling well this week (I could tell because she was *overly sensitive and tired* haha--those who know me will know why I laughed at that) by Wednesday night she had a fever, crying that her tummy and throat hurt, by Friday afternoon she was lethargic and vomiting. By Saturday morning she was peachy keen and happy as ever...but by Saturday night, she looked like this:

*she no longer has any symptoms of being sick, just
this 'slap yo mama' red marking all over her face and chest. my dad (aka willy, D.O.) said it is Fifth Disease, an immune reaction that occurs after an infection has passed.
Unfortunately the rash may last for a couple of weeks, leaving plenty of time for social services to come knocking on my door...


  1. Oh MY.

    Dude, that looks scary. It would have freaked me out totally as a mom.

    I'm really glad she's feeling better, poor little mite.

    that's all I have to say about that!

  3. I guess I should add: SORRY!

  4. Wow that sucks! I hope she is feeling better.

  5. no, see this is GOOD, erika, we can teach all the other clueless parents out there who think their child is mutating into a lizard...that it is in fact just a side effect that will go away within a couple of weeks.

    I still feel worse for the girl cherub--she had it BAD.

  6. poor kid...

    Hope it clears up soon!


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