Tuesday, June 19, 2007


The girls were looking at pictures on dad's laptop (screensavers) and giggling like...well, like um, little girls. Anyway, when they see a picture of Bud-duh they start LAUGHING (not sure why, probably because most of the pics are from when he was a baby)...

Tiny points and laughs-
look at crunchy Bud-duh!! He's soo silly!

Um, I think you mean chubby Bud-duh.
--hee hee, NO, crunchy bud-duh! He's so very crunchy!

and when I find the camera that TINY has hidden...
I will upload a couple pictures.
Grrr, she is such a Stitch.
nevermind, I found it in the playroom.


  1. oh. they are so cute. i want to snuggle them. Don't you kinda want to shove tiny... just a bit, and see if she falls off that bed?

    K. i know. I'm wierd, but I KNOW you think things like that. She looks cute... but she might need a little NUDGE off the bed... from time to time! =)

    Love you tiny... hugs. I can say things like that cause me and your mamma.. are like THIS!

  2. Their hair so cute and it's a beautiful color. Do you cut it?

  3. Exactly!!! I am "crunchy" not chubby. I love that child like she was my own. No More!

  4. Kids say the funniest stuff. Hailee mixes up words too. Did I mention how cute and big your girls are getting!


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