Friday, June 15, 2007

I MIGHT have (possibly) peed my pants. MAYBE. just a little.

MOVING day at Princess Reva's might have been quite eventful. I probably went to her house to help unpack and break down boxes to declutter the kitchen. I bet I even stacked the boxes into one big pile, waiting to be taken downstairs for the garbage man. I probably then TRIED to step over the pile, failing miserably, and I just might have slipped and lost my balance in three different directions as the piles of boxes slid on top of one another until finally the bottom box was sent flying across the hardwood floor, landing me FLAT on my ASS.

And I might have (possibly) peed my pants. And if I didn't pee my pants on the way down, then I probably did it in between fits of laughter and tears. And if I didn't pee my pants because of the laughter or the pain, then I probably peed them a little when Princess Reva's baby SCREAMED at me as I rolled around in hysterical fits of laughter and well...pure CRAZINESS, scaring the living bejeebers out of her!

*Princess Reva might have thought I was kidding about NOT stepping on those boxes...and she just might have found herself FLAT on her back within minutes. She MIGHT have peed her pants too. I'm just sayin...


  1. Freakin boxes. I always used to think that there would be a point in adulthood that you wouldn't "fall down and get hurt" anymore, or that once I was potty trained, I would never pee my pants again. I was wrong on both counts.

    I hope that only your pride was hurt and that you didn't have to wear your pee pants all day long.

  2. Oh, that was so funny.
    See? Further proof that you and I will get along fab when we meet in July!!!

  3. I have always maintained - moving is hazardous to your health. I'm just sayin... :)

  4. AND... You MIGHT have RIPPED ASS too... we all know you better than that...

    You kill me!

  5. HA - and I MAY just have incriminating photos not only of the peepants, but of your mondo mom butt in my mom jeans. Hey, you never gave me my underpants back!!

    I can only imagine what you are doing with my panties....

  6. I haven't peed my pants in ages. When you laugh so hard you pee, it's like a natural high. I miss peeing my pants!

  7. Is it bad that I can totally picture this! And the fact that you had pictures... priceless!


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