Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Stupid Billing Offices and Ant Invasions

Today is NOT starting off well. No, not at all. I paid a medical bill over the phone about 10 days ago, keeping track of my checking account down to the last dollar (and I mean down to the last dollar in our possession), making sure we wouldn't go over our available balance. WELL, this stupid company processed my payment TWICE. That's right, two times they sent it through the system, dragged my account overdrawn, and I got charged $109 in fees!! WTH?! They now say they will refund the money, but they aren't cutting a check until Friday. Why not put it directly back into my account?! They had no problem taking it out!! GRRR. I am so PISSED.

And to top it all off (besides the fact we are all still sick and trapped inside this house TOGETHER 24 hours a day, going on 7 days a week now!!), is the fact that our house is being invaded by ants. Ants in our shower, ants in the bathtub, ants on the floor, ants in the kitchen, ants in the pantry, ants on the countertops...I have called our pest control company out here 7 different times to solve this problem, and I've seriously had better luck with my $7 can of RAID.

*to the ants: i know you are smarter than we give you credit for. i know you can smell a dog's crumb from 1/4 mile away. i know you scout for food and then share it with your colony. i know you don't have to live in soil to survive. i know ALL these things. but i am begging you...get the HELL OUTTA MY HOUSE! You sure as hell don't pay the mortgage around here, you don't contribute to your own weight's worth of food, you don't even have respect for the kitchen table! So until you move out, i will continue to come after you with my can of Whoop Ass!!


  1. In the spring we always get ants around Abbie's food bowl (he's a messy eater) buy MaxAttrax Ant Bait ($2.02 at Lowes) there are four in a pack. The ants get the poison from the bait and take it back to the queen killing the entire colony. Says it kills ants in 24 hours and last up to 3 months. It's a good investment.

  2. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Nothing ticks me off more than when my bank account gets messed up by a stupid company! I feel your pain!!

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  4. Yeah girl!

    Whoop those little ant asses!

  5. You crack me up with your can of whoop ass for ants. We have a similar problem. But they are much bigger and eat through our oatmeal packets. They also carry viruses, an added bonus. They rhyme with dice.

  6. I hate it when things like that happen.

    BTW, your ants wouldn't be mating with my freaking re-occurring pantry weevils, would they?

    Kick some extermination ass, Little Miss.

  7. My husband has always said that if ants were our size they would rule the world. They creep him out with all their supernatural powers and organizational skills. Good luck!

  8. HI! Thanks for the comments about us being photogenic. That means a lot.

    So about those stupid bank fees...I'd suggest calling the bank and saying, look, this is what happened, this is not our fault, we're obviously on a tight budget and we can't afford to pay fees that we weren't responsible for.

    I had $99 in fees from one payment that I had thought already cleared. I explained what happened at the bank and was REALLY nice about it and said, hey, i know i'm responsible for one of the fees but I think it's unfair to have 3 fees on the same day...and voila! they took off $66 in charges.

    Give it a go :)


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